What Are The Causes Of Recurring Stomach Cramps? Here Are Some Effective Tips To Manage Pain

Stomach cramps are a common problem now and there are several factors behind it. Check out how you can manage the pain. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Dec 01, 2020Updated at: Dec 01, 2020
What Are The Causes Of Recurring Stomach Cramps? Here Are Some Effective Tips To Manage Pain

An impact on the other organs can have an effect on your abdomen too. These organs are stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. This can lead to pains and cramps, that can even be persistent. So, if your stomach ache is not just coming and going, but there is a pain for more than a day or two, the doctors term it as recurrent abdominal cramps. The onset of such pains can be sudden and recurring. It can be annoying and discomforting for many people as it may continue for a very long period of time. Some cramps may even lead to vomitting and nausea. One should make sure to visit the doctor in such cases and not hold the pain more than normal. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. P Venkata Krishnan, Internal medicine, Paras Hospital Gurgaon, about the causes of recurring stomach cramps and tips to treat the pain. 

Causes Behind Recurring Stomach Pain

Any pain can be distributed in the abdomen into intestinal causes or causes due to stones in the ureter or kidney. Stomach pains are also divided on the basis of age. The cramps can vary from being mild to severe. Well, anxiety, depression and UTI are also connected to such pains. As per Dr. Venkata, here are the major causes of persistent stomach cramps: 

In kids: 

stomach pain

If we are concerned with kids, the most common cause for stomach cramps are: 

1. Worm infestation

Worm infestation is the most common cause of non specific pain in kids. Intestinal worms can even lead to bloating and nausea. One might feel loss of appetite and severe abdominal pain. In such cases, you need to consult a doctor for further medical treatment. 

2. Nuts consumption 

Kids even might consume some nuts or something that can cause occasional crampy pain in the abdomen. Nuts are hard to digest and can result in upsetting the stomach. Some people might even have an allergy from nuts consumption, which can be a problem for the abdominal area.

3. Colitis 

Another common cause is infection of the intestine which is medically called Colitis. A kind of infection in the colon anywhere which can cause pain in abdomen. Colitis is an inflammation reaction in the colon which can trigger abdominal cramps that may last for a while. 

4. Diarrhoea 

Sometimes, diarrhoea or lose motions can also be the reason behind recurring stomach cramps. That can be easily treated with antibiotics. This is also an intestinal infection that can be caused by alcohol, food and certain medications. 

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5. Appendicitis 

If the pain is localised to one side of the abdomen say the right side, then we will have to look for some cause like appendicitis which can cause pain coming and going in the right lower abdomen. In this condition, the appendix gets filled with pus that can lead to severe pain. 

6. Kidney stones 

kidney stones

Another cause which is very important for this kind of pain which is coming and going in the abdomen on the sides especially. It is called as planks, right or left is kidney stones. There are stones in the kidney which have come out in the ureter. So, on that side you have pain coming every 30 minutes to one hour frequency causing severe pain and cramps. 

In adults:

Below mentioned are the reasons behind recurring stomach pain in adults: 

1. Kidney stones 

The most common cause is kidney stones. If the pain is the right upper area you can think of stones in the gall bladder which can cause this kind of a pain. These cramps can be very serious and have to be reported to a doctor immediately. 

2. Intestinal infection 

Intestinal infection can be there because of colitis that can be seen in adults as well. As mentioned above, colitis is an infection in the colon that can be very painful for a person. It fills the inflammation with pus in this case. 

3. Diarrhoea 

The pains are also associated with lose motions or diarrhoea. This is a very rare cause for persistent stomach pains and comes when there is an infection in yh intestine, that is when intestine rotates on itself. This can cause severe pain and cramps. 

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4. Menstruation 

In females, menstrual periods are the commonest cause. Menstrual cramps are considered to be very normal and common. In fact, heavy flow and irregular menses can also be a factor behind severe recurring stomach cramps. 

hot watre bag

5. Infection in the abdomen 

You can have pain due to local infection anywhere in the abdomen. Except such pains, such infections can also cause fever, thirst, bloating and vomitting. An abdominal infection indicates different types of health diseases. 

Tips to manage Stomach Cramps at home

If you have a pain that is persistent for more than 12 hours then it's better to visit a doctor. Let them examine you because each part of the abdomen has a different cause of pain, which on examination is very clear. Moreover, some pain can be very dangerous too. Generally, benign pains are gone in about 2-3 hours. As per Dr. Krishnan, here are some tips to manage Stomach cramps at home:

1. Drink enough water 


Drinking more water eases the pain. One of the most important thing is to stay hydrated. Drinking enough water is good internally as well as externally. A minimum of 2.5-3 litres of water should be consumed by everyone, everyday. Drinking enough amount of water passes more urine and gives pain relief too. 

2. Avoid nuts and fibrous foods 

Cutting down on nuts and fibrous foods always helps. If it is a colon infection, you can cut down on nuts and fibres and take a more soft diet. You can manage the pain with this and reduce it. Therefore, another way to treat the cramps at home is to avoid such foods.

3. Avoid milk 

If you have lose motions, milk should be reduced and have more curd based diet. Having milk can cause gas and bloating so it is always better to avoid it in such cases. The diet schedule should be according to your doctor or dietician, depending upon the cause. 

 4. Hot water bag

Keeping a hot water bag can ease the pain by reducing the spasm. This is a home remedy that is used by a lot of people for pain management. The hot compression can relax and open up your abdominal muscles, acting as a pain relief. 

Persistent stomach ache treatment


Abdominal pains are not just limited to indigestion but can have many other above mentioned causes too. According to Dr. Venkata, "Any pain killer can be used for this purpose like paracetamol. A person can take meftal or people take antispasmodic tablet like meftal spas or any other which relieve the intestinal cramps." According to Dr. P. Venkata, here are the treatments for persistent stomach ache: 

1. Stronger pain killers

If there is a recurring stomach pain, one can take pain killers as prescribed by the doctor. No medicine should be taken on your own. Strong pain killers can help in reducing the crampy stomach pains. 

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2. Surgery 

If there is some intestinal obstruction, it can require surgery too. This requires immediate intervention so examination is important. It cannot be delayed for long. This decision will be taken by your doctor, depending upon the cause of the stomach cramps. 

So, this is all one can know about recurring stomach pain from Dr. P Venkata Krishnan. Ignoring such recurring pains can often lead to medical complications in the future. It is always better to contact your doctor for further appropriate treatment. The pain symptoms in such cases are prominent and should be reported to the doctor on time. 

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