Rectangle, Triangle, Hourglass: Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Knowing your body shape might help you decide upon the type of clothing that suits you.

Shubhangi Shah
Written by: Shubhangi ShahPublished at: Feb 27, 2022Updated at: Feb 27, 2022
Rectangle, Triangle, Hourglass: Do You Know Your Body Shape?

Diversity is a crucial aspect of what makes the world what it is. People of different colours, ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds co-habit this planet and make it what it is. Similarly, we all have different body shapes. However, over time, countries have developed their notions of what one should look like. It has been somewhat amplified by popular culture and social media. The truth is our body structure is determined by our bone structure. Genetics and other health-related issues determine in what areas we store fat. Over time, the concept of body shapes evolved, and clothing according to that ensued. Body shapes can be roughly classified into ten categories. Let us look at them one by one.

What Are The Different Body Shapes?

Here are the ten types of body shapes:

1. Rectangle

As the name might suggest, in rectangle body shape, the person’s bust and hips are of the same width. It is also called banana body shape.

2. Apple

Different body shapes

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In this, the person’s upper body is slightly bigger than the lower one. It means that the shoulders and bust are larger than the hips. It is also called an inverted triangle body shape.

3. Pear

As the name might suggest, in this, the person has a smaller upper body as compared to the lower one. It means that the person’s shoulders and bust are narrow while the hips are wide. Arms are generally thin. It is also called triangle body shape.

4. Hourglass

In this, the person’s body shape resembles an hourglass. It means that the bust and hips are of the same width. The waist is well-defined and narrower than the bust and hips.

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5. Round

People with round body shapes have a bigger bust and narrower hips and lower body. The mid-section is also wide. It is also called oval body shape.

There are many body shapes

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6. Top Hourglass

In this, the body shape resembles an hourglass. However, as the name might suggest, the upper body is bigger than the lower one.

7. Bottom Hourglass

This is quite opposite of the top hourglass. It means that the body shape resembles an hourglass, however, the lower body is bigger than the upper one. 

8. Spoon

This one is quite similar to the pear body shape. However, the arms may be thicker, and so are the upper thighs. The waist is well-defined.

9. Diamond

In this, the person’s body resembles a diamond. His/her hips may be wider than shoulders, and the person will have a thicker waistline. The upper legs might also be thicker.

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10. Athletic

A person with an athletic body shape has a wide bust and hips, while the waist is narrower. However, despite this, the person doesn’t look curvy but straight. 

Going through the list, you might be able to know your body shape. If not, you can measure your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips and find out the shape of your body. Dressing accordingly might enhance your looks, and you’ll feel confident.

The shape of your body is largely defined by your bone structure. The parts where your body stores fat is defined by other factors too. Genetics is one such factor that determines in which part of your body you might gain weight. Stress is another factor. When you are stressed out, your body releases a hormone called cortisol that can make your body store fat in your belly.

Whatever be the shape, you must take steps to take care of your body. Provide it with the nourishment it needs. Exercise is also crucial for your body. Excessive stress can harm your body in more ways than one. And the requisite amount of sleep is needed for it to rewire and rejuvenate. Hence, knowing your body shape is great for determining what kind of clothes will look good on you. However, you must take other steps too to take care of your body. 

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