Weight Loss Roadblocks: What Makes Weight Loss Much Harder Than Thought?

Weight loss is not easy but certain roadblocks raise the difficulty level. Read this article to know and eradicate them.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Aug 21, 2020 13:53 IST
Weight Loss Roadblocks: What Makes Weight Loss Much Harder Than Thought?

If you are trying to lose weight but not seeing any results, you might be missing out on some important points. These are the weight loss roadblocks that are creating hindrances in your path. Instead of taking other routes, you need to clear these first to make weight loss easy. From emotional eating to stress, there are various factors that make weight loss much harder than thought. 

#1 Mindless Eating

Weight loss is not just about controlled eating and physical exercising but mindful eating is a prominent factor. Most people aren’t aware of their food habits and whether they are correct. Mindless eating includes unnecessary eating without feeling hungry even if it is a healthy munchie. You need to scrutinize your eating habits to see if there are incidences of mindless eating and stop. Just practice self-control to get over this habit. Learn per-meal calorie distribution for better results.

#2 Emotional or Comfort Eating

Another major roadblock is emotional eating. When you are emotionally broken and need solace, you search for comfort in food. Either you are happy or sad or bored, you eat for feelings and not for hunger. This is a branch of unnecessary eating which is stopping you from losing weight. Most people binge eat at such times that too unhealthy snacks just to divert their mind and comfort the brain by feeding comfort food. Have garlic water daily in the morning to lose weight.

#3 Stress

Believe it or not, taking stress won’t resolve your problems but only increase the weight. Stress can cause both weight loss and weight gain depending upon other factors. For example, some people stop eating when stressed while some binge eats to de-stress the mind. In either case, your health is compromised. You deprive the body of essential nutrients that affect your metabolism and ultimately weight loss. Several studies have found that in stressful situations, we generally eat food that is meant to be avoided which would obviously not aid weight loss.

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#4 Restrictive Dieting

Follow the right diet is the road to success in terms of weight loss but ‘dieting’ is a roadblock. There is a huge difference between diet and dieting. While a diet is the healthy food plan that you follow to shed extra kilos, dieting is a process where you abstain yourself from food to lose excess weight. This is called restrictive dieting where you restrict certain food groups from your diet to lose weight fast. This doesn’t bring long-term results. You are doing nothing but your body of the nutrients that you need for a healthy body and good metabolic rate.

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#5 Body Image Dissatisfaction

Unless you see your body positively, you cannot bring changes. If you are dissatisfied with your current body or in simple terms, hate it, you might be taking extreme weight loss measures to get results as soon as possible. Even if you are not in shape, don’t hate your body. You can bring it in shape by working out but only if you look at things positively. Be satisfied with what you have and boost your determination to make it better.

Hence, it is important to move over a lot of factors to understand that weight loss is a journey, which involves its highs and lows. Therefore, do not let the scales bring your morale down but look for possible ways to break the weight loss plateau by taking proper measures. 

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