Read These Pros and Cons of Wearing Underwire Bras Before Buying

A lot of women are choosing underwire bras over non-wired bras for comfort but are these safe? Let’s find out.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 01, 2022Updated at: Jun 01, 2022
Read These Pros and Cons of Wearing Underwire Bras Before Buying

Bras are meant to provide support to your breasts and give them a good shape. Changes in styling demanded modifications in bra styles as well to go with any and every kind of dresses, back styles, neck styles etc. It won’t be wrong to say that underwired bras were also made to comfort women and help them lift, shape and support their breasts during all sorts of activities. These are more helpful in supporting heavy breasts which is why Indian women are preferring underwire bras over regular bras. While these are good from comfort perspective, you should know the possible downsides of wearing them often. If you wear these bras on a regular basis, you must read this article to understand possible benefits as well as risks of underwire bras.

What is an underwire bra?

While regular non-wired bras hold breasts, underwire bras are meant to provide support and lift sagging breasts to give a fuller look. Unlike non-wired bras that are made up of fabric, underwire bras have metallic semi-loop wires in the lower part to gently push breasts upwards. They lift breasts to give them a good shape.

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Why Underwired bras are good?

Cons of Wearing Underwire Bras

Here are some reasons why most women find underwired bras to be useful:

  • Great support- There is no denying to the fact that underwire bras are best to support and lift heavy bras. These give a definition to your bustline which makes your breast look great.
  • Less discomfort- Non-wired bras certainly become slightly uncomfortable after a few hours. The fabric causes friction making your skin at the chest itchy and irritating. This is why underwire bras are comparatively more comfortable than the others.
  • Great fit- If you have sagging breasts, underwire bras can give them a good lift without making them look bulky. This keeps your breasts in a fixed position so you don’t have to worry about them for many hours.
  • Compliments most outfits- Whether you are wearing a shirt or a deep neck kurta, underwire bras can go well with all of them. 

Underwire bras disadvantages

Cons of Wearing Underwire Bras

There are pros and cons of almost everything. No matter how comforting and confident you might feel while wearing an under wire bra, you should avoid wearing it often let alone wearing daily. Here are some downsides that you should be aware of:

  • Poor fitting- If you have underbust or wide-set breasts, these bras might not give you the fit you need. Wearing an ill-fitted bras is more dangerous than no wearing one. So, you must check for the right size.
  • Tightness around the chest- Wired bras might not suit every woman as the wires can cause poking, digging and tightening. Wearing these for prolonged periods can cause tightness around the chest that might also hurt your ribs. You are highly likely to start feeling uncomfortable after a few hours.
  • Skin irritation- This is a serious disadvantage of wearing underwired bras for long period of time. The skin underneath your breasts might suffer red marks and rashes. This is highly common in summers. Over time, this could cause skin problems if not taken care of. 
  • May cause breast disfiguration- Wearing tight underwire bras for support might disrupt the original shape of your breasts. If you wear tight bras daily, be ready for painful breasts and disfiguration.

Underwired bras are useful but you should not wear them daily. This could be problematic to you. Going braless when you can is extremely good for your breasts as they are set loose. You can always consult a specialist if you face any problem with your bras that escalate to your breasts.

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