Here Are The Health Effects Of Wearing An Ill Fitting Bra; Check Them Out

 Many women wear wrong sized bras and that can lead to health effects too. Check out these factors.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Oct 22, 2020 20:14 IST
Here Are The Health Effects Of Wearing An Ill Fitting Bra; Check Them Out

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Wearing a bra is not a preference, but an obligation for many women. However, have you ever thought about the importance of wearing a bra, and that too a well fitted one? Not wearing a bra can not just have irritating and discomforting effects on you, but can have an impact on your health too. In fact, some women get self conscious and low on confidence if they walk out of the house without a bra. The society has made wearing bra an obligation instead of leaving it on personal choice. But, before making your decision of wearing it or not, and wearing it how, you should take some factors into consideration. It is important for women to know about thier bra size to make an appropriate and proper choice while shopping. There are many side effects of wearing very tight/lose bras. In this article, you will get to know about the health effects of wearing an ill fitting bra.

What are the health effects of wearing wrong size bra?

 ill fitting bra

So many women can't just wait to take off their bras at the end of the day for some relaxation. Is it because the bras are too tight or uncomfortable? Well, maybe that is why it is so difficult to wear them all the time. Some women have made their peace with wrong sized bras, because they think it's just the way it is. But a bra should feel comforting and supportive.

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Here are some health effects of wearing the wrong bra size:

• Back, neck and shoulder pain

pain bra

One of the negative health impacts of wearing a wrong sized bra is that it can cause pain in your neck, shoulders and back. If you wear a lose bra, the sagging of breasts will make your neck pain and back stiff. It can disturb your whole lymphatic system. According to some studies, a tight bra can even result in breast pain.

• Breast skin damage

An ill-fitting bra cannot give you proper support and comfort. Therefore, it can also lead to breast skin damage. The tight bra stretches your skin more than it should, resulting in stretch marks, rashes and even pain. 

• Bad posture

This is a very common problem of wearing bras that don't fit you properly. Too small or too large sized bras can cause a defect in your posture. When the strap is too loose, it rides up on the back, causing the weight of the breasts to drag the shoulders forward. This can cause pain, disturb your posture, making it complicated. For some people, a bad posture is responsible for personal and professional issues too.

• Deep grooves on shoulders

You may have observed deep grooves or marks on your shoulders because of bras. Well, this is a very clear sign to know that you are wearing a tight bra and is not the correct size for you. The straps take support from your shoulders and if it's too tight, it can affect your skin adversely. If you observe this symptom, then it's time to change your bra and wear a well fitted, comfortable one.

• Nerve damage

pain breast

Too much tight bras can also cause nerve damage. Right bra straps put pressure on your nerves, leading to weakness in the neck, arms and shoulders. Hence, you should wear a bra that is of the right size for your breasts.

• Difficulty in exercise

Some researches even observed that women don't exercise if they are wearing an ill fitted bra. The lack of breast support and the difficulty in finding a well-fitting bra has a deep connection in motivating a person to exercise. And not exercising can cause major health problems to your body.

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• Mastitis

While breastfeeding, milk ducts carry milk from deep within the breast to the nipples. Bras that are tight and have a strong, hard underwire can become a barrier in the flow and block the duct. This blockage can then cause mastitis or pain in the breast.

These were some harmful effects of wearing an ill fitted bra. Wearing a bra that is too tight/lose for you can also make some women nervous in public. However, health comes above everything. Inspite the fact that there are these reasons to prove the health effects of wearing wrong sized bras, many women still keep doing the same. Wearing a correct sized bra can make you feel so much better in the way you feel or look.

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