5 Morning Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

By following a morning routine, you will start your day on the right foot and be ready to face life's curveballs. Follow the tips to start your day

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaUpdated at: May 30, 2022 17:28 IST
5 Morning Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

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Do you press snooze innumerable times before you actually get up, well for your upside you are not alone. A lot of people struggle with getting up early and snoozing comes just as a denial to wake up and kick start the day. A healthy morning routine is a must and we cannot emphasize any more on it. How we start the day and what we do 2 hour after waking up plays an important role in our mental and physical state for the remainder of the day.

Tips to improve your healthy morning routine

A healthy morning routine caters to a lot of healthy habits that come in handy. These routines have shown to reduce stress by improving the metabolism, and even extend for a better night’s sleep. By following a morning routine, you’ll start your day on the right foot and be ready to take on life’s curveballs. However, different things work for different people but it is totally worth giving a shot to see what works for you.

1. Drink Lots of Water

Your body never stops working,  not even when you’re sleeping. Although at a slower rate your heart is still beating and your metabolic activities are continuing . Every body function requires water. When you wake up in the morning, your body has greatly depleted its water supply and needs to refill. By drinking water first thing in the morning, your body is able to replenish all of the water that your cells and organs need during your slumber.

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Drinking lots of water in the morning is also a great way to cleanse your body of all the toxins. By flushing out the harmful substances, your body can return to its normal functions with greater ease. This helps in making for healthier organs, improving bowel movement, and helps in preventing diseases that are often associated with dehydration especially during these scorching summer months.

2. Plan Your Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal and we all know it. It is important that you start your day by eating a healthy breakfast. However, that’s easier said than done considering the corporate lifestyle these days. When you’re running late for work, it’s easier to grab whatever’s handy on your way out than cook something. While we’re all running late to work, we’re disrupting our metabolism and making it more difficult for our bodies to function at full capacity.


Therefore, it is important to plan your breakfast. Have healthy snacks, prepare for your shakes. Go for seasonal fruits and vegetables or any breakfast that is plant based, you can never go wrong with them.

3. Get Active Early

Make it a habit that you wake up right when your first alarm rings. The best way to fight the alarms is to only set one. This way to mentally prepare your mind that the alarm will ring only once and if you sleep more you may be late for the day. After waking up the next important step is to get active as early as possible. By starting your day with some physical activity, you’re boosting your endorphins, which in turn immediately improves your mood. Also, by getting your workout done and dusted in the morning, you don’t have to channel the energy later on in the day. To become one of the highly effective people, start your mornings with a healthy workout routine.

It is not necessary to go all in. You do you! Running, walking, swimming or whatever that may work for you. As at the end of the day you want to feel accomplished of all your doings.

4. Avoiding your phone

Scrolling through the feed of your social media is a passive activity that could detract from the productivity of your morning and also the night. Make this a habit that you keep your phone aside 45 minutes before sleeping and after waking up. By sleeping or waking up to someone else's thoughts, opinion or ideology may pollute your mindfulness and guide your mind otherwise.

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5. Journal

Journaling or penning down your thoughts for a few minutes a day is a great way to reduce stress and find your center. Journaling can build self-awareness and reassess your goals and priorities. Writing about your thoughts and ideas has always proven to be therapeutic. It also helps you commit things to memory, retain thoughts better and every now and then, it's fun to look back at past entries and see the number of milestones you’ve accomplished. making a journal is a part of self-care

A healthy morning routine is easier said than done and we know it. But incorporating these few changes in your lifestyle can prove to be of great help both mentally and physically.