6 Ways To Appreciate Your Partner More In A Relationship

Appreciations is a very important element of a strong relationship, check out these ways to appreciate your partner more often.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: May 18, 2022 13:24 IST
6 Ways To Appreciate Your Partner More In A Relationship

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You all with agree that a good relationship is built on trust and partnership. There is always a mutual respect that is shared between partners that keeps them going. Dealing with your partner, be it wife, girlfriend or fiancé, you need to be that extra careful about how you treat them. There are different ways that are shared between people that keeps them attached to each other and maintain that affection. Due to some reasons, it might be possible that you may not be able to give time to the other person or remain self-occupied. In this time, you need to make sure that you appreciate the efforts other person takes to keep up to you. Today we will check out some tips by expert that could help you have a stronger bond.  

Why is Appreciating your partner Important? 

We spoke to Dr. Tanu Chowdhury, Clinical Psychologist at Healthcare Clinic, Lucknow to know the role of appreciation and impact that it has on the partner. She said that appreciating or acknowledging the efforts made by your partner could go a long way in building a strong bond. Especially in case of woman, you may hear something like “he doesn’t show interest anymore”, sounds familiar? This is what you need to deal with and tackle so that there is no hinderance that could occur in the relationship.


Appreciation always makes the other person happy and gives a sense of personal touch that is always needed. We have some relationship advices that could be used to appreciate your partner more often and make them feel special from time to time.  

1. Communicate Politely 

One of the best ways keep the bond strong and relationship going is to talk about things from time to time. There may be instances where you may not agree with each other or have differences, but what is more important is to talk about it and appreciate all that is in the mind of other person. This effort to know the reason for miscommunication, differences can be easily sorted out with this and thus it could be a healthy way to appreciate the other person.  

2. Never take your partner for granted 

Do not take your partner for granted. This is the biggest mistake that a person makes while being in a relationship. Especially after a particular period is over, people tend to ignore or not make any efforts for their relationship. This could break the trust of your partner and could affect your relationship. She is with you because she loves you, this does not mean that you put her wishes and requests aside. You still need to appreciate her for all the things she does for you. Do not assume she will continue to make efforts, if there is none from your side. 

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3. Surprise your partner 

The element of surprise always works in the favor of your relationship. It keeps your excited and make memories that are not forgotten. If you used to surprise her in the early days of relationship, then she would also expect it afterwards. Little gestures can go a long way in making your bond stronger. Express yourself more often, this shows appreciation for the other person and makes you more engaged with your partner. 


4. Be a part of each other's success 

One of the best things about being in a relationship is that you get to be with each other in failures and success. When either one of you is getting an award or just getting appreciated for the work or otherwise, you should be with your partner in times of happiness. This makes the moment more special and creates a deeper bond of love between partners.  

5. Discuss before making Decisions 

Discuss with your partner before any decision making, especially if it affects both of you. Most men avoid asking their wives or girlfriends before taking a decision which creates an obstacle in the trust. Remember that a relationship is a two way process and when you involve your partner in every decision, then he or she will appreciate your efforts.

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6. Do not disrespect or make fun of feeling 

There are times when you might feel low or tell some stupid things. But you need to understand each other and be there for him. Try to adjust with that phase which will also make the other person appreciate your time and patience. Do not disrespect or make fun of your partner because it could create a deep negative impact on their minds and they might never be able to open themselves in front of you.  

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