How To Rebuild Trust With Your Partner?

Trusting your partner is the base of any strong relationship, here are ways that could help you rebuild trust after betrayal.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: May 17, 2022Updated at: May 17, 2022
How To Rebuild Trust With Your Partner?

Trust is an essential part of any relationship and you cannot afford to lose that with a person you love. Trust does not happen in a moment or in a day. It takes a while to build, this period might vary for every individual. For some it takes days, for some months and rest might even a year or so. Cheating or betraying your partner in any way could cause loss of trust that might affect your relationship. But cheating is not the only way to break the trust, there are small things that build over which makes a person detached or lose his trust in another person. Today let us know some ways that could help you rebuild your trust with partner and aid in strong relationships.  

Trust in Relationship: Importance 

There are certain circumstances in your life that could affect your health and thus cause of trust. Trust is like a base of any relationship, whether be it with your partner, friends or family. When you are exploring the possibilities with your partner to be together, it is essential to be able to create that bond that helps you stay together. Some possibilities that affect your relationships can be as follows- 

  1. Pattern or continuously breaking promises that you make with your partner 
  2. Not being there for the partner in times of need 
  3. Keeping something back or withholding to important things 
  4. Lying or manipulation 
  5. When you do not share your feelings openly 


Tips to Rebuild Trust with Partner 

1. Know the reason behind betrayal or fall of trust 

It is best to talk to your partner and know the reason behind what is going wrong. Sometimes there are few reasons because of which your partner might want to hold back. Sometimes situations are such that you cannot but to disguise the lie in front of the partner so that they do not get tense. People do sometimes prevent themselves from telling the truth when they feel that it could hurt feeling of the other person. This could be easily resolved by talking about it and knowing the reason. 

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2. Communicate with Partner 

Put aside the ego and talk. Communicate as much as you can. This is the key to hold onto any relationship. Communication does not mean you just text each other and rant about what has happened. Rather you need to talk about it and control the situation in a way that could calm the process which enables deep communication. This helps to regain trust of your partner and manage the situation well. You can include the following conversations- 

  • How you feel about the situation  
  • Why does that betrayal hurt you 
  • What do you need to restart you career 

Communication gives you that emotional support which makes you feel comfortable with the other person. The more comfortable you are, the higher are chances of being productive. You should continue to communicate and break the ice. 

3. Practice forgiveness 

We all are humans and tend to make mistakes. In a relationship, you need to be accommodating and give the other person some chances to redeem themselves. Playing the blame game is easy, but it can tear the relationship apart. You need to know when to give chances and when to teach them a lesson. If you are really serious, then you should be able to remember that mistakes tend to happen but you need to stick together.  


4. Avoid dwelling on past 

Many people have this habit of bringing the past occurrences to the present scenario. This could make your situation worse at times. Once you have discussed the betrayal part, then it is necessary that you just focus on the present and try to resolve that part of the story. It is not easy to contain yourself, but try to find things to catch up with each other than finding ways to fall apart.  

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5. Apologize sincerely 

If you lied, or kept something from sharing with your partner. The easiest way is to apologize sincerely. You need to make efforts to make your partner, girlfriend, wife or so on to feel sorry. Acknowledge your mistake could be a way to handle your relationship and rebuild the lost trust in your partner. Just remember do not try to justify your mistakes, rather take actions to rebuild the bond and make things better again. 

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