6 Things You Must Look In Your Partner For Emotional Support

You should consider these emotional needs in order to build stronger bonds in a relationship.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Feb 24, 2022Updated at: Feb 24, 2022
6 Things You Must Look In Your Partner For Emotional Support

Human beings are emotional and they tend to show this very often. It can also be said as basic instinctive needs to survival as water, air and food are for us. Relationships need to be both physically and emotionally strong in order to survive for longer duration of time. People in romantic relationships need affection, security and appreciation, etc to make it more healthy and interesting. Every individual is different thus their needs and bonding strategies also vary. To match the relationship goals you need to consider few points in your relationship to make it emotionally stable and stronger. 

What is an Emotional Relationship?

When there is a bond between two people that can match each other’s intimacy levels or like we usually say the vibe. The attachment needs to mimic each other in order of closeness and needs to be with each other. Emotional relationship is considered strong when there you have trust, affection, consideration and sense of security. There are other factors as well that might benefit you in a relationship when you are emotionally consumed. Let us discuss about some vital factors that you should know before getting into an emotional relationship.


Factors for Strong Emotional Relationships 

1. Affection in relationship

One of the most important factors that you need to understand before getting into an emotional relationship with your partner is affection. Being affectionate is the prior function that be a must have in order to maintain mutual growth. Affection increases your bond and closeness to the other person. Here are some ways in which a person shows affection-

  • Physical touch
  • Sexual intimacy
  • Loving words
  • Kind gestures

It is not always important to say “I Love You” every time but these small gestures of affection fulfill that need to closeness that is required in a relationship.

2. Validation in Relationships

Many people consider validation a very small part or just flex in a relationship, but it is not so. Validation is equally important as other emotional factors because it makes your partner feel important. According to a research by National Institute of Health in 2016, most couples who operate on same wavelength and have validation for each other have stronger emotional bonds. If you feel invalidated or unheard then it could cause a problem. Hence try to understand if your partner is equally responsive or not. 

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3. Autonomy in relationships

Autonomy is having shared interests and being involved to a level that you can operate without other person noticing or asking you about it. This is a sign of deep relationships, if your partner is right for you then he/she may do things that you might require permission otherwise. Autonomy in relationship makes you come together as one unit and still have different identities to maintain. If any of you come in shadow of the other person, then it might not be the best relationship for you.

4. Sense of Security

This is a major cause that builds or breaks a relationship. Security in relationships means that you respect each other boundaries and you know no matter what the other person will be will be with you. Fights and arguments may be a part of relationship but that sense of security should not go away. Here are few things that can give security in a relationship-

  • Being able to share your feelings freely
  • You should know to respect your boundaries
  • You should feel physically safe with them
  • Believe that they support your choices
  • Respecting each other’s boundaries


5. Trust in Relationship

Majority of people try to find out the trust factor in their relationships, they are not able to get how does trust builds. Well it is not that complicated. Trust and security are the two faces of the same coin and they start building as long as you are faithful and giving in a relationship. If you have to give too many explanations, then it means it is not working between you two. Hence make sure that you have good trust in each other to carry forward your relationship and make it stronger. 

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6. Empathy in relationships

Having empathy means to get into the shoes of the other person to understand how he is feeling about that particular situation. Empathy in relationships help people understand each other in a better way that builds stronger bonds. You need to get through the wall that get you beyond the facial expression and lets you get the emotional side of the person. For example if your partner is stressed about work or anxious about something, then you need to empathetic with him.

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