Planning to Move In With Your Partner? Here’s The Good And Bad Of A Live-In Relationship

Live in relationships can be difficult but at the same time very memorable too. Here are some pros and cons of being in a live in relationship.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Oct 19, 2020 09:30 IST
Planning to Move In With Your Partner? Here’s The Good And Bad Of A Live-In Relationship

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Two people dating each other is never too easy. One needs to know how to balance everything in life. A couple has to face various challenges while they are dating. Balancing between your partner, family, career and social circle can be a very heavy task. You cannot think that living together before marriage is always beneficial. The couple has to take appropriate steps together in order to make a relationship work. Every relationship has its own pros and cons and so does a live in relationship. In fact, a live in relationship is as difficult as a long distance relationship. It is vital to maintain things like honesty, trust, connection and compatibility. Every human being is different in nature and many factors build up for two people to be together. Taking a decision like living together before marriage is huge and tough. Even if you are having issues with the situation, you should share it with your partner. In this article, you will get to know about the pros and cons of a live in relationship. 


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Pros of live in relationship 

If you are living with your partner, a lot of responsibilities come attached to this big decision of your life. You should evaluate your state of mind and think about all the factors involving in this step. If you're positive and sure about your partner, then a live in relationship can be a help for your future. Here are some pros of living together: 

1. More time together 

One of the major benefits of live in relationships is that you get to spend more time together. Even if you are coming back from work, you have someone to look forward to, with whom you can share everything about your day. Spending time together and sharing everything with your partner can prove to be very beneficial for your relationship.

2. Lively conversations

When you are staying apart, you can just communicate through calls or video chat. However, in a live in relationship, you have the added advantage to have lively conversations with each other. Couples can cuddle, feel each other and connect very deeply. Even if you have a fight, staying together makes it easy to resolve them.


3. Money saving 

Don’t forget that in a living relationship you can save a lot of money too. If you’re living together, you can chip in money in whatever investment you're making. Your financial problems can come to ease if you're sharing with your partner. In fact, with the money you save, you can plan for your future too.

Cons of live in relationship 

Well, when there are advantages, disadvantages come along for free. A person can't expect to live on the ninth cloud all the time. There are problems in every relationship. In fact, resolving issues in a relationship can make you come closer to each other. Here are some of the cons of a live in relationship: 

1. Can be suffocating 


If spending time together can be an advantage for a relationship, then it comes with some cons too. Every individual has different attributes in nature. Therefore, it is not easy for everyone to let another person enter their own space. Sometimes, a live in relationship can be suffocating. There is also a possibility that one partner might be able to adjust to the situations while the other will have the feeling of being tied.

2. Excitement factor diminishes 

Another con of a live in relationship is that the excitement factor or commonly known as the honeymoon period of a relationship truly vanishes when you start living together. Seeing each other becomes a habit and the curiosity starts diminishing day by day. You start knowing each other in and out from waking up to habits like the way of eating, which makes you bored as there nothing left to know more.

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3. Increasing fights

If you’re in a live in relationship, another problem that you might face is that the number of fights can increase. Adjustments in every case are not possible. You both might have different opinions in taking each and every decision. Live in relationships fall behind due to this very major reason of fighting all the time.

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