How To Fix One Sided Relationships? Know From The Experts

 Many people face issues in a one sided relationship and don't want it to fail. Here's what experts say about the solutions. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Nov 04, 2020 23:00 IST
How To Fix One Sided Relationships? Know From The Experts

Relationships are already hard to handle fir some people as it requires a lot of balancing of personal as well as professional life. And now, the year 2020 has made it even harder for couples to maintain their relationship, due to the pandemic. Sometimes, there is an element of one-sided love in a relationship too. Except these factors also, some people are not able to give back the amount of love and care they are receiving. This results in disappointment and stress for the other partner. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to clinical psychologist Kamna Chhibber, Fortis memorial research institute, Gurugram, about the signs of a one-sided relationship and some ways to fix it. 

Signs of one sided relationship 

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We all wish to have a relationship that is based on mutual understanding, respect and care. We are able to reciprocate with equal amount of love. Sometimes, the same relationship can become one-sided. Below are some indicators given that can help you in identifying a one-sided relationship:

1. One-Sided effort

If the effort to plan and initiate things is only on one person or all the future plans become one sided it indicates that you are in a one-sided relationship. 

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2. Exclusion from the priority list

When you observe that the already planned calender is booked and you are nowhere to be soon or your name is included at the last after every event/person then it's time to notice the red flag. 


3. Idolizing other relationships

If you time and again have an urge to compare your relationship with others then its a sign that you are not happy. You might tend to find reasons like who was initially wrong or have a feeling that you have to apologise in every  situation. This second guess trait of yours might lead you to this time of relationship as you are not able to meet people, follow through programmes or unable to fulfill commitments. 

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How to fix one sided relationship?

You can try your best to save a relationship. There are many ways to change the signs of one sided relationship. If you notice any of the above mentioned pointers, then its time to know it and change it. The below listed options can prove to be helpful. They are: 

1. Communicate with your partner


 Self confidence and Self belief can become the key to communicate your feelings and help your partner to understand your perspective. This might even motivate your partner to work things out and get involved. 

2. Seek help from family, friends and experts

You might have to persist and insist your partner to listen but this should not take the form of a conflict. Rather you can try and take help from family, friends or experts to communicate your feelings better. This will help in enhancing the quality of the relationship.

These were the signs of one-sided relationship and some ways through which you can fix it, so that it doesn't result in a failure. Talking to your partner can prove to be very beneficial for every relationship. Therefore, try out these solutions and see if there is any change in your partner's feelings or state of the relationship. 

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