Every Man Should Follow These 6 Tips Before Getting Waxed

 Waxing strikes thoughts of fear in most men. Here are some tips every man should follow before getting waxed. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 25, 2022Updated at: May 25, 2022
Every Man Should Follow These 6 Tips Before Getting Waxed

Waxing is uncommon for men and it creates a terror in their mind. The thought of so much pain and suffering is not viable for many people. Shaving is their preferred choice to remove unwanted hair  from areas such as the back, chest, and legs. However, waxing for men is also gaining popularity these days. They have started seeking for smooth legs, be it for athletics or grooming purposes. Men tend to be more hairy in some areas as compared to women. The idea of waxing sounds extremely painful, but it is not so bad for everyone. There are not many differences between waxing for men and women. However, there are some things that you should take care of. Thinking about getting waxed? Keep reading to know about waxing tips for men. 

Waxing tips for men 

Make sure to get waxed by a professional, for a less painful and complicated process. It is not a crime to explore new hair removal methods. Here are 6 important tips every man should know before getting waxed

1. Exfoliate your skin first 

Prepare your skin before getting waxed, and this is applicable for both men and women. Exfoliating your skin helps in eliminating the dead skin cells and extra oil from the surface of your skin, for a soft and smooth skin. You can use a market bought or natural scrub to exfoliate the area you want waxed. Make sure to to this atleast two days before the waxing session. It might make your skin a bit sensitive for a few hours. Even using a loofah can help in getting the skin ready for waxing. 

2. Reconsider if you have sensitive skin 

If you have extremely sensitive skin, waxing is not the best method for hair removal. Waxing can be a rough way to remove body hair, therefore think twice if you have a sensitive skin. Getting waxing done on a reactive skin type can lead to red bumps or other irritable symptoms on your skin. You can talk to your dermatologist before taking the decision of getting waxed. 

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3. Minimise pain with ice packs 

Ice or cold packs can dial down the severity of pain during waxing. Ice helps in cooling and soothing your skin before stripping off harshly. It will also help in preventing red bumps, itching and irritation on your skin. Aloe vera gel can also fulfill the same purpose. 

4. Test wax 

Many hair colours are tests in a hair patch before application to look at the results or avoid any reaction. Similarly, you can even test waxing on your skin. Pick the right wax and see how your skin reacts to it. Before getting a full body wax, just test on a small patch of your skin. If there is an allergic reaction, avoid this hair removal method and choose another alternative.  

5. Use better quality wax 

waxing for men

Choose a high quality wax and don't just use any kind of wax. There are many different types of wax and make sure you choose the right one. It also depends on how hairy you are. For example, thin hair would require a mild wax, while people with thick hair need a strong wax. Match the wax with your needs and go for a better quality wax, especially for first timers.  

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6. Do not exercise immediately 

Most experts advice that you shouldn't workout immediately after getting waxed. It is recommended to avoid exercising for atleast 24 hours after your waxing session. The reason behind this is that sweating can irritate your skin and slow down the normal healing process. Just wait for a while to flaunt it? Along with working out, avoid any activity that triggers sweat, such as saunas and hot showers.