walk everyday to live longer

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Mar 03, 2016

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Yes you are getting it right. A new study says that walking daily can reduce risk of mortality.

It has been proven that brisk walking for 15-30 minutes daily along with good living habits ensure a longer life in comparison to people who do minimal or no physical activity.




US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey where scientists collected data from approx 3000 people of age group among 50 to 79.

The persons who do not include any physical activity in their routine are prone to more diseases and have five time lesser life span than person with moderate activity.

Researchers suggest walking daily helps to reduce diseases related to especially if you are having lifestyle like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. So even walking for 10 minutes can help you a lot. If it is not possible for a person to walk daily he must do some physical work like taking stairs instead of lift.

So start walking today for a healthy live and longivity.

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