Stem cells producing insulin new hope for diabetes patients

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Feb 22, 2016

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Here comes good news for patients with Insulin dependent diabetes. Now scientists have developed the stem cells from lower gut which produce insulin to reduce dependency on insulin injections.

In insulin dependent diabetes beta cells of pancreas produce insufficient insulin to meet body needs resulting in high glucose levels. The case with this type of diabetes is mostly under age 40 and is very dangerous. Some patients are dependent on insulin injection lifelong to sustain normal glucose level. 

pancreatic cells



To find an alternative replacement of these pancreatic cells researchers spent decades.Scientists achieved a breakthrough by discovering the tissue from lower stomach to be potential for producing insulin once reprogrammed like pancreatic beta cells.

During study scientists have found that tissues from pylorus region of stomach are suitable for conversion to pancreatic beta cells. The tissue from normal mice was taken and reprogrammed as pancreatic beta stem cell and transplanted to mice to check the insulin production ability. The results were surprisingly good as the cells keep on secreting insulin with continuous replenishment of beta cells.

To ensure the efficiency of these engineered cells the beta cells of pancreas were destroyed in transplanted mice. Researchers found that glucose level remain normal even without natural pancreatic beta cells. The control animals with no beta cells of pancreas or programmed cells in gut died within few weeks.

The most advantageous part of this finding relies in fact that these cells can be taken easily by biopsy, grown in vitro and then after reprogramming as beta cells can be easily transplanted in patients.

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