Watch Video: Here's A “Virtual Reality” Flythrough Of Coronavirus Infected Lungs

George Washington University Hospital uses virtual reality to take you inside a coronavirus-damaged lung.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 26, 2020 10:18 IST
Watch Video: Here's A “Virtual Reality” Flythrough Of Coronavirus Infected Lungs

Watch Video VR Flythrough Of Coronavirus Infected Lungs: At this staging of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the influence of a novel coronavirus infection is usually known — often originating with a light temperature and flu-like signs and possibly accompanied by a fast drop in breathing ability — but there hasn’t been an indulgent form to see how lungs are affected by the virus. George Washington University Hospital, this week, issued a VR “virtual reality” flythrough of novel coronavirus affected lungs in beliefs that the visuals will shock observers into retaining others and themselves secure.

Watch the full video available on YouTube here:

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The “virtual reality” video was co-produced by George Washington University Hospital thoracic medical director and Surgical Theater Dr Keith Mortman developers of “virtual reality” imaging software that utilises real-world data to produce 3D medical-grade visualizations. Dr Keith Mortman earlier used the software to show sufferers their oesophagal tumours or lung before the operation but recognised an opening to explain the new way novel coronavirus reacts after reaping a CT scan of an infected subject.

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Usually concealed, the lungs are described as clear sky blue, with infected regions in jaundiced-looking yellow. Behind the new result of the disease circulating everywhere in the lungs, George Washington University Hospital's visualization reveals how the body responds to novel coronavirus by producing various infection zones, collectively suffocating natural lung capability for victims to claim hospitalization with both a breathing tube or vent. “The destruction we’re witnessing is not confined to any one part of the lung,” said Dr Keith Mortman. “This is a critical deterioration to both lungs diffusely.”

One especially troubling revelation is the point that novel coronavirus descendants may wind up with larger, permanent lung contamination if the infection doesn’t recede over time. At that point, “it becomes permanently scarring in the lungs,” Dr Keith Mortman defined, and “could change somebody’s capacity to recuperate in the extended time.”


Dr Keith Mortman believes that understanding the austerity of the virus practising 3D visualizations will shake headstrong members of the society into washing their hands, staying home, and obeying other forethoughts to keep their communities and themselves protected.

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