Using Toilet Paper Instead Of Water? Is It Beneficial?

After defecation, the use of water instead of toilet paper for cleaning can save people from many diseases. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 24, 2020Updated at: Feb 24, 2020
Using Toilet Paper Instead Of Water? Is It Beneficial?

Toilet paper vs water: It has always been a large West-Asian division. But in the end, some Western doctors think that washing with toilet paper is better. According to Dr Evan Goldstein, a rectal surgeon from New York City, using toilet paper after a bowel movement can cause many infectious diseases. They believe that using water in a way can save you from many diseases.

What does the research say?


Meanwhile, Dr Philip Buffington, Chief Medical Officer of The Urology Group, says that while using toilet paper there may be an invitation to allow bacteria to remain after the stool, for this you need to make sure that always wash your parts with water after going to the toilet. Apart from this, it has also been said in a research that if you spray hot water or wash it with lukewarm water, it can help in post-operative care in anorectal disorders.

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Benefits of using water in the toilet

Using water (during the toilet) reduces the consumption of toilet paper. The US uses twenty-six billion rolls of toilet paper every year, which is about twenty-three rolls per person. About 10 million trees have been harvested to accommodate this toilet paper. In this way, it can cause great harm to the environment. Since most people face toilet-related problems, shower use can probably help reduce this problem. Talking about cleanliness, it is better than using toilet paper, which plays a better role in cleaning faeces. At the same time, the shower also helps seniors stay clean and stay away from diseases. Talking about their other advantages:

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  • It reduces the risk of infections in the bladder and vagina.
  • Use of toilet paper can cause many diseases.
  • It is an alternative to better hygiene along with the physical changes associated with ageing.
  • Can prevent kidney diseases.

Easy and beneficial for the elderly

It is also easy for senior citizens to use water shower. It has been seen many times, that they have several hygiene issues, which may be associated with poor hand-eye coordination or other disabilities. The use of water greatly reduces the likelihood of infection, and seniors will be able to maintain their independence. This is because they can repeatedly go to the bathroom and deal with their hygiene issues without family members or their assistance.

Clean the bathroom

By doing this, one can ensure that the people of your household can maintain their dignity by keeping good hygiene in the bathroom. When compared to toilet paper, it offers many different advantages for the ageing adult. Therefore, even in our private life, all of us should use water after having bowel movement compared to toilet paper.

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