Unplugging Yourself From The Social World Can Help You To Escape From Mental Stress

Unplug yourself from the sphere of social media and see how the pace of life drastically changes.

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Mind BodyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Dec 27, 2019
Unplugging Yourself From The Social World Can Help You To Escape From Mental Stress

Social Media has conquered the world, and now everyone is the part of this web. Though social itself signifies connecting with people, this virtual monster is eating us all. Social media has proven to be a misnomer. We are all heading towards those family gatherings where most of the conversations happen to be on screen. We as a world can connect on the internet. But connections of love, happiness, and harmony are in no trending zone now. Like every technological development in the world, social media has its own merits & demerits. 

Despite keeping in mind the fact of technological advancement, it is always wise to know the other side of the coin. We all are cognizant of how social media affects us by giving a feeling of depression, anxiety & other mental health disorder. A study has found that if there is excessive use of social media, humans can develop an additional bone in their skull.

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Considering the above impacts, is it not worthy if you give yourself a break from the social enigma. let us know about the benefits of reducing social media usage.

1. Better Sleep, could be a present of quitting social media.

Most of the working class in the world spend the bulk of their time on social media after they are done with the day, I.e, before falling asleep. This means people are compromising their personal space, getting engaged with social media. 

Scrolling the screens like never before. This practice can be very harmful, as lack of sleep can make you heedless, grumpy and slumberous on the following day. Therefore, a break can guarantee you a longer snoozed duration. Ultimately you start feeling more invigorated and less anxious, during the day.

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2. Social media tends to make you more conscious of your social standing.

If you switch the scrolling time to a mild evening walk. You'll be less tempted to retrace the steps of others. It is always advisable to steal some time of the day and invest in the leisure of mind and body. Practicing this could change your tiring days in the merrier ones.

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3. You don't feel ineffectual anymore, you start recognizing your worth.

Seeing people getting a promotion or doing well in life, often builds up a feeling of in-adequateness in our minds. we start feeling unworthy of ourselves. People often start suspecting their abilities looking at the others, accelerating in their lives. We start scaling ourselves on the measures of insignificant things. Once a person starts getting disconnected, to the social world getting connected to the real one would be autonomous. A break from the shackles of social media can avoid you from getting these thoughts in your mind.

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4. You'll start residing in the tangible world.

In this era of social media, people tend to chat more on their phone's messaging apps then interacting in person, eventually making us more isolated than ever before. Unplugging can help you to spend quality time with your loved ones and lay the foundations of beautiful relationships.

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5. You get more time to refine your being.

In this busy and hectic world, we often forget to focus on ourselves. Social media platforms have taken so much of our time, that there is no such time in the day we spend on rejuvenating or recharging ourselves. Once you stop engaging yourself in the web of judgment and eagerness, you'll be able to frame the structures of self-grooming. 

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