Coronavirus Study: Unmarried Men At Higher Death Risk From COVID-19

Increased Risk Of Corona Among Unmarried People, More Fear Of Death Of Low Income Men.


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Oct 11, 2020Updated at: Oct 11, 2020
Coronavirus Study: Unmarried Men At Higher Death Risk From COVID-19

COVID-19 treatment study results: Researchers warn that being a man and not being married are some of the factors that relate to an elevated risk of dying from novel coronavirus. A study published in the prestigious Nature Communication magazine has revealed some unknown factors that can increase the chances of death of an infected patient. Researchers at Stockholm University found that factors such as a person's low income, low level of education, being unmarried, and living abroad increase their risk of death from the corona.

Researchers say that the tropical lifestyle of these classes affects their health, which increases the risk. Also, people living alone live in a less secure environment than couples. It is worth remarking that till now, this information was available that this virus brings different risk to every person according to age and gender.

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Low-income men are at greater risk

Why are low-income men at a higher risk of COVID-19? Sven Deferral, a sociologist and leading researcher, says that low-income, less-educated men were at higher risk of infection. Deferrals explain the reason that men are more likely to succumb to the virus due to their biological make-up and lifestyle, and other lifestyle-related factors such as being unmarried or low-income affect their eating habits.

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Current COVID-19 research updates: How was the study on unmarried people done?

How was the COVID-19 test developed? This study was done based on data, over 20 years of age in Sweden. The government data of the deceased were compared to the government data which had details of their place of birth, place of residence, marital status, education and age. On this basis, the researchers found that people who were born outside the country in a middle or low-income country died more due to infection with COVID-19. Similarly, low, unmarried and uneducated people also suffered more deaths.

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