Understand Your Child's Personality With These Parenting Tips

Tips for parents: How do your child's habits tell things about his personality? Introvert or extravert?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 22, 2020Updated at: May 22, 2020
Understand Your Child's Personality With These Parenting Tips

Tips For Parents: If you pay attention to childhood, then some habits and things of children can be easily guessed about how the personality of the child is going to be. The character has a significant impact on life's success-failure and career. Therefore, if you can understand the nature of the child at the right time and take some steps to improve it, then it can be useful for the future of the child. Every child has his or her nature, which is mostly based on his / her parenting methods and genetic traits. Some children are timid from childhood, and some are very speechless. If you too are confused about the nature and personality of your child, then let us tell you some things that will help you to find out the character of your child.


There are two types of personality

Generally, the personality of all of us can be divided into two parts. First, introvert, and the second extrovert. Introvert refers to those who are mostly busy with themselves and do not have much connection with the outside world. At the same time, the extrovert is said to those who pay attention to and affect the things of the outside world as well.

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Identification of introverted child

  • Such children do not mix easily with new people.
  • They are afraid to talk to strangers.
  • Do not pay much attention to your or other people and make their mind.
  • Always remain calm in class and shy away from answering questions.
  • Such children are often lost in their world and are usually busy in their things, their rooms, their toys, books etc.

Good things about introvert nature

  • Such children like to respond to something only after understanding things deeply.
  • Speaking without thought is not a habit of such children, which is a good thing.
  • Such children are more attractive to subjects like literature and art.
  • The social circle of such children is limited, and friendships are always thoughtful.

Identification of extrovert child


  • Such children are often less shy. Participate heavily in group activities.
  • They do not hesitate to talk to new people, so their friendship becomes quicker with people.
  • Such children have more friends; that is, their social circle is more substantial.
  • Such children are ahead in class answering, leadership etc.
  • Children with this nature often do not panic in public speaking, even if they do not have excellent content to speak.
  • Such children like to listen to others, gossip, laugh and joke.
  • Such children do not like to be alone.

Good things of extrovert nature

  • The professional growth of such children is good. They can make a good career in Performing Arts, Leadership etc.
  • Such children often say their point clearly, so their nature is open, in which there are no layers.
  • The social circle of such children is enormous, and they come forward openly in saving, saving friendships.
  • Such children are usually full of energy and do not hesitate to take risks.
  • Others also become happy by meeting such children, so these children are ahead in making others laugh.
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