Did You Know Thinking Has Different Styles? Here Are Types And Tips To Improve Them

Every individual thinks in a different way. Read to know about different types of thinking process and ways to improve it.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Sep 07, 2021 12:46 IST
Did You Know Thinking Has Different Styles? Here Are Types And Tips To Improve Them

Thinking is a never ending process, every individual has a unique ability to think about every situation and conditions differently. Some people are over-thinkers whereas some of us just keep it limited. All of this however does not determine our ability or functional efficiency too think. However everyone has some similar abilities of process in the way they think, that also affects their lifestyle, choices and perceptions. As you may have heard of different genres of books or movies, there are similar genres for thinking process as well. Today we will discuss about different types of thinking process that people carry and what does it determine.


5 Types of Thinking Styles And Tips To Improve It

One must be aware that there is a difference in methods of thinking and types of thinking process. Hence not to get confused, we will look at types of thinking process people carry. Any individual can have more than one kind or thinking process depending on various situations and skills.

1. Critical Thinking

This is a thinking process that is usually used for analysing every situation in depth. Critical thinking is all about factors, statistics and analysis of the problem. This is beneficial in the part where a person who thinks critically analyzing the situation or the takes idea to critically think over it before giving it a green signal or not. For example, in a situation where a person is angry with you for some reason, accuses you of behaving a certain way and tells you to change your process. In this situation and critical thinker will allow himself to listen and analyze the situation well before responding to the other person. This allows critical thinker to keep the suggestions and find out the relevant part of the accusation.


2. Abstract Thinking

This is a very different thinking process from the rest of the types. Abstract thinking is like moving out of the box and understanding the basic sense of it. It begins with symbols, the ability to perceive about a symbol or signs that tell about a particular thing can come under abstract thinking. For example a different people around the world have different pronunciation for same word, the ability to understand and empathise with this simple fact is abstract thinking.

To improve this thinking process, a person can start learning about different linguistic approaches and cultures. He can learn through different symbols containing alphabets, signs and symbols that determine different meaning and contexts. Improving your logical reasoning abilities can make you better at abstract thinking. 

To make children have an abstract thinking approach, they should be encouraged to do these activities-

  • Practise visualization
  • Play with figurative signs and language
  • Logical thinking activities
  • Game theory
  • Learn different languages

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3. Creative Thinking

This thinking process is given much emphasis for children these days. Creative thinking process is very much known for it’s out of the box approach and do something which has never been done before or take a new angle to already existing situation. This makes the person very innovative and there are chances that it can even make you successful. People who think creatively succeed in life and discover new solutions; it builds new opportunities and enhances your thinking ability. 

Creative thinking can be improved with exercises that are meant for lateral thinking. You can do the following things to develop creative thinking-

  • Try to solve puzzles
  • Try to write same thing with different styles
  • Bring solutions for small problems and daily life techniques
  • Put yourself in a place where you need to find a different approach to solve a problem
  • Learn about new ideas and development methods and give your take on it


4. Concrete Thinking

This process involves taking the decision at a particular direction. When a person thinks straight to achieve a particular goal, then it is called concrete thinking. It means that there are no disturbances or confusion to the person and it adamant to this goal. This is very beneficial for students and adults who are preparing for some exams or level of achievement. Concrete thinking is also called literal thinking. 

This thinking process can be improved by these methods-

  • Keeping one goal in your mind
  • Focussing on just one thing at a time
  • Avoiding distractions and people who criticize you for your approach 
  • Asking a lot of questions and queries about a subject
  • Having characteristics of analytical thinking

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5. Convergent Thinking

This process of thinking involves exposure to problems that are entirely new and focus on the part where they rule out any wild ideas revolving around that project. Convergent thinking is used by scientist and people who are extremely focussed on achieving one goal to get best possible solution for that problem. 


We can take example of ISRO in Mars mission, where they had limited resources to complete the mission and the scientist took it as a challenge and created a solution for that approach. Using the available resources to achieve something extraordinary is a part of convergent thinking. This thinking process can only be achieved by practising linear thinking method over and over again. Focus on available resources and knowing their limitations hold the key.

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