Types of meditation that you did not know about

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Mind BodyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 23, 2017
Types of meditation that you did not know about

With a number of benefits, mediation is becoming the first and foremost choice of people in urban areas. More and more people are inclined towards it. Along with mental peace and serenity, mediation also has health and beauty benefits to offer, which has made it the best method of healing so far. However, often we start meditating without knowing the right technique and the right type of meditation.



Yes, there are many types of meditation, all targeting the different types of carnal needs. So, if you are just looking for mental peace, there’s a specific type meditation for it and if you are looking for inner healing, there’s different one for this purpose too. From ancient times to till date, mediation has evolved into different classes and types.


Zen meditation

Sit with your leg crossed or on a chair, just focused on deep breathes and the sitting posture. Keep your back straight. Now, just focusing on your breaths allows you eliminate all the other thoughts. Zen, also known as Zazen, is done to understand the Buddha and his way of living. If your mind is too chaotic someday and you find the world too crowded, this edition here will help you to have your own world, with zero attachments.


Mindfulness meditation

This mediation here is to gain consciousness of everything that happens around you without losing or disturbing inner and mental peace. Sit on a chair, sofa or floor, with no support for your back. Take a deep breath and focus on the breathing and then breathe out, focus. Just focus on your breathing.


Metta meditation

This mediation is to awaken your righteous self. Sit anywhere, without any back support but this time try finding a peaceful spot. Now, close your eyes, focus on your breathing and start communicating to yourself. Ask the purpose of your presence, develop love and kindness towards yourself an then towards others.



This type of meditation is done for the sole purpose of mental peace. Just sit in a peaceful place, close your eyes, and keep your back straight, you can rest your back against wall. Start chanting mantras, focus on the mantras and your breathing to attain mental peace. 

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