Do You Overthink? Here Are Some Tips To Stop Right Away

Overthinking is a common issue which many people go through, here are some tips to overcome it. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Apr 02, 2022Updated at: Apr 02, 2022
Do You Overthink? Here Are Some Tips To Stop Right Away

Do you overthink a lot? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. Over thinking is a common problem or rather habit that we develop from childhood. We do not realise the intensity of this condition until it hampers our growth or creates an obstacle in the path we choose to reach. Even though over thinking is not a bad habit, sometimes it can get to your head and makes you do stupid things which are not even required. To sort this issue up, as well as to control this habit of yours we have some tips that might help you with this generic issue.

What is overthinking?

Most people and especially children have this weird misconception about over-thinking that is just means worrying about something that has not yet been done. It is not that simple, over-thinking actually has a lot of things such as anxiety, triggers, situations and conditions that makes you think over something time and again. Not just this, people start thinking excessively without any reason while having free time or just lingering about. Dwelling about same thoughts increases the risk of mental health conditions to occur, this has been quoted in a study National Institute of Health in 2013. Here is what you need to do-


Tips to Control Over-thinking 

1. Look at how you are responding

When you overthink about situations, you are also responding along. You need to observe the way and things you are responding with. If the responses are repetitive, or follow a cycle, then you need to get rid to them as they are making a loop and wasting your time. However positive thoughts can give you a good result hence keep analysing your thoughts and so not feel guilty about what you think. Self-awareness can help you change your mindset.

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2. Try to find a distraction

Overthinking does not end on its own; you need to have something to control it. Find a distraction that is more productive than what you were thinking about. For this you need to have the following ideas-

  • Learning about some new skills and tackling situations
  • Getting some workout
  • Taking up some hobby and practising it
  • Volunteer in a positive local organisation in free time

3. Meditate 

A lot of people like to meditate when they are overthinking because it helps them to focus their thoughts and think towards the absolute goal. Meditation also makes you tension free and can give you time to answer and analyse the situations. Keep your mind clean and do not get nervous towards getting attention. 

4. Find a partner

Finding someone that can go out with you or you can spend time with is whatever way possible can be a good way to stop overthinking. Trying to ease the load of someone can actually help you put things in place and in the direction that you want it to be. Think of ways that can help you divert your attention towards the activity and that person more often. Or you can just help out your friends with their tasks that can keep you away from excessive thinking.


5. Recognize automatic negative thinking

Overthinking can still be fine, but having negative thoughts can actually have a wrong impact on your mind and can make you vulnerable towards mental health problems. Automated negative thoughts refer to knee-jerking thoughts that might involve some of your fear, or anger, or traumatic situations. All of this can make your condition worse and can give you sleepless nights at times. Therefore it is important that you recognize these triggers and thinking skills, to prevent overthinking often.

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6. Keep your focus to present

Being in the present is really important in order to meditate and have plenty of good sources in order to stay in the present moment. You can just listen to some music and spend time vibing to it. Eat something, it can help you get rid of the thoughts and focus your senses on some delicious food. Go outside for walks and treat yourself with some favourite meals of yours to get rid of excessive thinking thoughts. 

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