Tips to Fix Night Time Cough

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Aug 13, 2018
Quick Bites

  • A hot bath with essential oils just before sleep helps with the cough.
  • Herbal teas such as peppermint, chamomile and ginger work great too.
  • Honey is a go-to solution for night coughs.
  • Suck on a lozenge to ease ticklish throat.

Coughing is pretty uncomfortable on its own, that combined with sleepless nights is enough to ruin the next morning. Night cough is also a nuisance for anyone else sharing the room with you. Here are some tips to soothe itchy throat so that you can sleep better.

Honey to Soothe Night Time Cough

The multiple medicinal uses of honey are widely known. This is because honey has great anti-bacterial properties, which help soothe a sore throat. Not only this, honey also helps draw out water from inflamed tissue, hence helping with the swelling and pain. You can have it mixed in hot water, or on its own. It’s important to remember not to give honey to children under the age of 12 months, as it can cause botulism in infants.

Hot Shower to Ease Night Time Cough

A hot shower before bedtime will not only make you relax, the steam in shower also helps clear up your air passage, helping you breathe better. Adding a few drops of essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus oil will also help clear up the congestion.

Bedtime Herbal Tea to Cure Night Time Cough

Warm non-caffeinated herbal teas before bed time can help soothe your ticklish throat and help clear the congestion. Teas such as peppermint tea, act as an expectorant and help break up the thick mucus. Ginger and chamomile tea are also great cough suppressants, while chamomile tea helps you relax and sleep better.

Ginger, Holy Basil and Honey Concoction

Crush a knob of ginger and a few holy basil leaves in a pestle and mortar and squeeze it through a sieve or clean cloth to extract the juice. Mix this juice with a tablespoon of honey and have it with warm water. This concoction if taken before sleeping, soothes sore throat and helps ease night time cough.

Suck on Throat Lozenges

Throat lozenges contain medicines which help ease sore throat and reduce the ticklish feeling in the air passage. Keep a pack of sore throat lozenges by your bedside.

Prop your Head Up While Sleeping

Postnasal drip at night can cause a persistent tickle at the back of your throat. When you are lying horizontally the gravity causes the mucus to drain down into the throat. Propping yourself on pillows, such that your head is a little elevated will help relieve cough.

Clean Bedding

The dust mites and germs present in your sheets or pillows can make the coughing worse. Make sure to clean your bedding at least once in a week in hot water.


Use a humidifier if the air around you is dry. It will help you breathe easy and prevent dry airways. However, make sure that you keep the humidity level in control, as harmful microbes thrive in humid environments.

Keep these things in mind to keep the sour throat and coughing at bay, especially at night to avoid those sleepless nights.

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