Tips to look good in Pregnancy

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Dec 17, 2011

Women fear pregnancy not oTips to look good in Pregnancynly because of the complications such as hormonal changes, morning sickness and the pain during labour and delivery. They are as concerned about the changes in their body such as weight gain, alterations in the skin, and the expected baby bump. If you thought pregnancy is a time to stop thinking about your looks, there can’t be a good reason for it! After all your present condition is a celebration of your femininity, in particular motherhood. Why spoil that feeling by looking dull?


Tips to help you look good even when pregnant

  • Exercise - You need to work out throughout the length of your pregnancy. It can involve swimming, prenatal yoga, water aerobics or simply walking. You need to determine the ideal workout schedule for yourself based on your earlier routine of exercise. You need to keep replenishing yourself with water as it will keep you hydrated making the skin glow. Of course, you need to guard against overstraining yourself.
  • Balanced diet – Have as many fruits and vegetables in your diet. You need to focus particularly on those that are rich in calcium and iron. This is because during pregnancy, the need for these two nutrients is the most in your growing baby. Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Many birth defects and complications to the mother have been reported because of it. Having a balanced would keep you calm and composed and it would reflect in your looks.
  • Consult with your doctor for make-up products – You do need to avoid many beauty products during pregnancy but that does not mean you have to completely stop doing any make up. There are many beauty products suitable for pregnant women. Ask your doctor to recommend these for you.
  • Maternity Clothes – Now-a-days, your pregnancy bump is no longer something to hide away in your dress. It has become one to celebrate with the maternity clothes becoming better looking with each passing day. Even the stretch pants look a lot better. Bellies are being revealed with body skimming dresses, low-waist jeans and even cropped T-shirts.


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