How To Establish Positive Parent-Teen Relationships? Take Tips From This Article

If you are having conflicts with your teenager, here are some effective tips to improve parent-teen relationship from top parenting expert. 

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How To Establish Positive Parent-Teen Relationships? Take Tips From This Article

Parenting is a tough task as you are supposed to deal with your children differently as they grow. It is natural. Handling a kid is different and it becomes more complicated when they become young adults. Similarly, parenting a teenager has its own set of complications. If you are a parent to a teenager, you must learn to establish a positive relationship to not let your bond go sour over time. No matter how much independence they demand, they need your support and guidance. Parenting expert is giving out some tips to strengthen the parent-teen relationship positively. 

Tips To Improve Parent-Teen Relationship

Be open and honest 

One of the most important things for a healthy parent-teen relationship is openness and honesty. There are certain sensitive topics such as dating or making physical relations with the opposite sex that most parents aren’t comfortable talking about to their teens. Instead of them knowing things from others, it is better to teach them at home. Strike an open conversation with your child about all the topics as it helps children make the right choices. It is seen that teenagers with a poor conversational relationship with their parents are indulged in bad habits and get influenced by other people. Richer discussions on diverse topics and understanding each other’s point of view, giving advice wherever required, telling them possible negative consequences of certain acts, etc. need to be discussed properly. This can positively influence adolescent choices.

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Discuss in the right manner using harm reduction strategy

It would be unrealistic to assume that your teen shouldn’t think of adult privileges such as dating, substance use, making intimate relations, etc. In fact, parents who try to control them and enforce absolutes have unhealthy relations with the children. As a result, children hide most things from them and their views are always conflicting. Modern-day parenting is quite practical where parents openly discuss everything with teenagers. Parenting expert suggests discussing pros and cons of different adult privileges with them. You must take their thinking into account and tell them what you think of the same. Ensure them that you aren’t against these but there is a right time for everything. If they do anything, they must take responsibility of the same.

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Supervise and monitor teenager’s activities

No, we are not asking you to follow your teenager everywhere or poke your nose in everything they do but monitor them with parental sensitivity. It should be silent and not look over-intrusive. Just keep an eye on their behaviour, activities, friend circle, etc. You can ask them questions but normally that they don’t feel like you are trying to invade their privacy. Do not question them as then teenagers may become rebellious. 

Accentuate the Positive To Improve Parent-Teen Relationship

Whenever you get the opportunity to have a healthy conversation with your teenager, initiate only positive communication. For all the issues or conflicts that you are facing with them, talk about them positively. Negative interaction can kill the motive of communication and that is not a part of positive parenting. Positive interaction, suggestions and arguments help your child understand your perception and disliking towards certain things. 

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Zero tolerance to inappropriate or abusive language

Zero tolerance to inappropriate or abusive language and behaviour

Most teens have gotten used to the modern teen culture of using abusive words casually. Considering that this language is widely spreading through television, music, web shows, and other mediums, it is not possible to keep them away from this culture. What you can do is firmly tell them their limits. No matter how jokingly or innocently they say such words, don’t hesitate in pointing out what’s wrong.

Spend time together and participate in their interests

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These days, parents and children are more like friends. To establish a positive relationship between parents and teenagers, you must also start to acknowledge and share their interests. For example, if your teenager is into sports, go watch a game with them. Take them out for dinner in their favourite cafes and restaurants. Teenagers find it ‘uncool’ to spend time with parents and therefore, friends become their family. To build a bond, you must ask them to take you out or just spend some time together at home. Indulge in gardening, movie time, card night, etc. with them to convince them that you are also a friend. 

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Set boundaries

In order to be a good parent, you shouldn’t tolerate or ignore everything. You must set boundaries for teens and tell them that you are the controlling authority of the house. Give them freedom but also mention the limits that they must not cross.

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Show your love, concern and care

At frequent intervals, shower your teen with love. Even the smallest gestures like making their favourite meal, getting flowers, giving gifts without a purpose, etc. can express your love for them. If you have had an argument, don’t hesitate in apologising as they would then understand your unconditional love and concern.


These days, most parents have conflicts with their teenage kids over a difference of thoughts and opinions. This why they hide most things with their parents. If you want to establish a healthy and positive parent-teen relationship, you must take note of these points. If you want your child to grow up with values, you should follow the tips for positive parenting your teen.

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