Tips for Exercising during Pregnancy

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Apr 16, 2013

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Tips for Exercising during Pregnancy

1.     Do Aerobic Exercise

During pregnancy, a 30-minutes session of aerobic exercise for four or five days in a week keeps you fit. To start your aerobic exercise workout, warm up for 5- to 10-minutes. Do not choose heavy aerobic exercises. You can engage in walking, swimming and stationery cycling. These types of exercises do not exert too much pressure on your joints preventing pain in them. Jogging in pregnancy can also be a part of your aerobic exercise routine, but ask someone to accompany you to jog and also consult a doctor before doing so.

2.    Strength Training, but stay safe

In your pregnancy workout plan, you can include strength-training exercises, but it is advisable that you do not indulge in exercises that require you to lie flat on your back. Instead of using dumbbells, use resistance band as they do not have the risk of slipping from your grip and hitting your abdomen. Your pregnancy strength-training workout should include exercises for your chest, back, legs and shoulders. These exercises can be performed twice in a week. Carry lightweight to avoid putting pressure on your joints.

3.    Do a bit of Stretching

Doing stretching exercises with aerobic exercise and strength training can help you in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Stretch while performing warm up or cool-down. Stretching saves you from muscle tightness promoting flexibility. Indulging in strength training will involve your major muscle groups and therefore, stretching will make your muscles more flexible and strong. To relax, breathe deeply and regularly while stretching.

4.    Yoga- an Ideal Pregnancy Exercise

Yoga can be safely done during pregnancy. It makes you flexible and tones the muscles. In addition to yoga, you may also walk.  Performing breathing techniques of yoga can help during labour by keeping you relaxed through the contractions. It helps improve body posture and aids in dealing with joint pains and cramps easy. You can attend pre-natal yoga classes experts can help you out in minimising pregnancy complications. During pregnancy, avoid asanas that require you to lie flat on your back as this can make you feel dizzy.

5.    Swimming during Pregnancy

Swimming is among the safe exercises that a pregnant woman can do as it involves no exertion of pressure on the joints. There are nil chances of falling down, but a mom-to-be should avoid deep-water swimming because under water pressure can adversely affect the baby.



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