Tips to Avoid White Bread & Pasta for Weight Loss

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May 28, 2012

Tips to Avoid White Bread and Pasta for Weight Loss

Refined food products such as white bread and pasta are not counted among healthy food options. Nutrition experts advise whole grains over refined grains for a successful weight loss regimen. These are high in glycemic value because of which they get converted into sugar quickly and make a person feel hungry almost immediately. On the other hand, whole grain foods are full of energy, keeping you satiated longer and helping you to lose weight.

White bread and pasta increases blood sugar triggers causing a drop in blood sugar levels. Experiencing cravings and the desire to overeat are the consequences of a drop in blood sugar levels. This phenomenon does not contribute to the cause of weight loss. On the other hand, complex carbohydrates provide your body with fibre and digest much slower in comparison with refined foods, which not only satisfy hunger but also prevent cravings. It is recommended to consult a physician before structuring a weight-loss diet.

How to Avoid Bread and Pasta

  1. Switch to Whole Grains: Buy the whole grain substitutes of white bread and pasta. Nowadays, the marketplace is flooded with various refined food options. Pita bread, brown rice, whole-wheat pastas, pumpernickel, rye and tortillas can be the ideal substitutes. While buying the refined food options, check the labels for ingredients. Whole grains will provide you with healthy carbohydrates. Some other options include millet, whole wheat, brown rice, barley and quinoa.
  2. Structure Meals: Meals need to be structured carefully based on the nutritive value. Give special attention to food you like, especially the healthy options. Stay focused on the health benefits of the delicious foods you are eating.
  3. Leave Bread and Pasta Aside: Think besides pasta and bread. Meals should be based on vegetables, fruits and whole-grain food options for weight loss. For instance, a plate of salad as part of a meal is a nutrient-dense option within meals to energise you and prevent hunger pangs.
  4. Vegetables and Fruits: A plate of assorted healthy vegetables and fruits is almost like a salad to energise you. These are excellent energisers as well as food options for weight loss as one eats more food for fewer calories. So, instead of stuffing yourself with pasta, go heavy on fruits and vegetables for weight loss.
  5. Snacks: Munchies play a vital role in weight loss regimen. Instead of high-calorie potato chips, eat unsalted pretzels and popcorn.


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