How long does it take to Lose Weight at Curves?

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Jul 31, 2012

Curves weight loss center is one of the fastest growing franchisee in USA and its target customers are women who do not want to join the usual gym. They claim to provide effective alternate workout for women but according to studies, the calories lost through such a workout is not enough to lose weight soon. Despite the lost weight after going to Curves being low, it is in high demand particularly among middle-aged women, many of whom are first time health club members.


Curves Fitness & Weight Management Plan


Curves programme involves building strength with a 30-minute workout. People who exercise move from one workout to another in a total of 12 stations. They need to combine 30 seconds of workout with another 30 seconds of running, jogging or walking on what is known as the recovery board. The 12 workouts are placed in a circuit and completing one round take around 25 minutes. This is followed by stretching for five minutes.


Report of American Council on Exercise on Curves Weight Loss Programme


In a study published in the magazine of American Council on Exercise (ACE), it was revealed that through the workouts designed by Curves burns only 184 calories in half an hour. The time as well as intensity of this workout is not enough to result in effective weight loss. The 184 calories lost can be gained by having a little candy, half a donut, or usual amount of cereal. This compares poorly with other weight loss programmes which help the practitioners lose from 300 up to 700 calories in a half-hour workout.


How long does it take to lose weight at Curves


In order to lose around half kg of weight in a week, you need to create a calorie deficit of 500, i.e. you need to ensure your intake of calories is 500 less than what you burn. So, for a person who burns only 184 calories, his daily diet needs to be restricted to 300 calories lesser to ensure weight loss.

But the figure of 184 calories is only the average. The more you weigh, the higher is your weight lost through Curves circuit training. Someone weighing more than 65 kg burns 240 calories in one Curves session while those who weigh more than 80 kg can lose up to 350.

Despite the pitfalls, a Curves programme does help to take the fear of exercise away from people, and it is beneficial for normal weight people who want to maintain it. Overweight people need to consider a more intense workout to achieve normal body weight.


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