TikTok Trend - Teens Gluing Their Lips For Fuller Lips. Here's How It Can Be Harmful For The Health

Most of the social media challenges are either dumb or harmless, but some can be extremely dangerous. How dangerous is the new TikTok Trend?

Arushi Bidhuri
MiscellaneousWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Sep 19, 2019Updated at: Sep 19, 2019
TikTok Trend - Teens Gluing Their Lips For Fuller Lips. Here's How It Can Be Harmful For The Health

The overwhelming number of apps that teens can use to communicate or spend their leisure time has left parents scratching their heads. One app that has added to the list is TikTok. This app is the talk of the town right now and teenagers are obsessing over it ever since it was launched under the name musical.ly. So, what is it? TikTok is a free social media app, wherein you can watch, share and create short videos. Developed by Chinese Internet Technology company in 2016, users can record or watch themselves lip-synching to popular music and sound bites. 

Teen Gluing Their Lips Or Plumping – TikTok Trend 

Most of the social media challenges such as the eating hot pepper challenge or the mannequin challenge or the Kylie Lips challenge (take your pick) are either dumb or harmless, but some can be extremely dangerous. Another such trend that has gained prominence is the gluing your lips challenge. Ever since a TikTok video of a girl gluing her upper lip to her cupid’s bow to make them look fuller came out, she became extremely popular. With over 7 million views, many teenagers have tried to follow the same, while some have succeeded and some have failed miserably. 

Regardless, this “gluing your lips” challenge is extremely nonsensical and can prove harmful to you. It could permanently damage your skin because of the irritants and allergens present in the glue. The adhesive can even rip off your skin, cause redness or leave scars. 

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Why Do Kids Go Crazy over Social Media Challenges? 

Social media trends are not just limited to teenagers, there is active participation of adults in their 20’s in these challenges. These challenges range from harmless to shocking. Why exactly do teens or adults in their 20’s go gaga over such dumb social media trends? 

FOMO or Fear of missing out is one of the main causes of accepting these challenges. Social media is all the rage today, so most of us who live in the fear of missing out or not being able to fit in subconsciously accept these trends as an attempt to somehow fit in the society. And teenagers are the most vulnerable when it comes to “fitting in” with the rest of their peeps. 

Kids today are more susceptible to peer pressure or FOMO than ever before. Why? Because today people judge you from who you are on social media without actually knowing a single thing about you. 

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What Should a Parent Do? 

  • #1 Talk to Your Kids - Parents can't always keep an eye on their children even if they want to. To be honest, it is difficult and not good for your relationship with your child. It is better to talk to them and be open enough to let them share their worries with you. This way you can ask themabout the consequences of these challenges. 
  • #2 Stay Updated - With so many trends, it can be quite difficult for you to know everything. So, to talk and understand what your kid is doing behind the screen, do some research. 
  • When you are done, talk to your kids and ask them what’s trending these days, what are the other kids doing. Get the conversation moving and slip in a few concerns to know what is going on in your child’s mind. What are the trends you are interested in? Would you consider doing it? – ask such questions. And in case the trend is fun, then you can even join your kids. 
  • #3 Help them Differentiate - For most kids, parents are the ones behind the camera filming their kid doing these things. Make sure your kid knows the difference between harmless and harmful. If not, tell them the difference and ensure their safety. Let your kid know the do's and don'ts of social media

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