Social Media Dos and Don'ts for your Kids

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May 08, 2015
Quick Bites

  • Influence the child in positive way.
  • Don’t be a controlling parent.
  • Have healthy and friendly discussions.
  • Don’t let the child spend too much time on internet.

The internet is here and it is here to stay for a while now. There is no escaping from the boom, none whatsoever. So as a parent, there are two things that you could do: either keep complaining about your child’s addiction or take matters in your hands to make them a safe and secure user. Here are some helpful tips.

Internet Safety for Children

Influence in a Positive Way

If your child sees you as a responsible internet user, they will make their choices accordingly. Talk about safety measures that you took before adding someone into your friend-list and whether or not you added them at all. This will prepare your child towards becoming responsible on social media.

Don’t Try to Control

While you grow your child into a responsible internet user, make sure that you don’t blow things out of proportion and become a super interfering parent. Respect your child’s privacy for them to pay heed to your advice. Don’t spy on your child’s laptop or I-pad. If you must monitor their activities, do it when they are online. Become friends with them and make sure that you don’t post embarrassing comments or be too active on their wall.

Internet Safety for Children

Be Friendly

If you develop friendly relations with your child, they would never feel scared about sharing stuff with you. Don’t make them live in a fear if you want your child not to hide anything, no matter how grizzly it is. In a friendly way, make them aware of the background check procedures of reputed colleges or organizations in which your child may be seeking admission. Keep the discussion healthy to make your child aware of internet related crimes.

Don’t Allow them to Spend much Time on Social Media

When your child spends too much online there high chances of them getting addicted to the internet. Don’t let that happen. Let them know the rules of using technology and how to not become a slave of internet. Make sure that the computer is kept in the living room and no gadgets follow your child into their bedroom.

Tips you Must Share

  • No stranger should be in the friend-list.
  • More playing in the parks and fields.
  • No sharing of date of birth, address or phone number.
  • No sharing of emotions.
  • Information about internet related crimes.
  • No defamation of any school/college/organization.

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