Tactics for Parents to Keep their Teens involved with the Family

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Feb 06, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Listen to what your teen has to say.
  • Praise your teen from time to time.
  • Have meals together to help the family thrive.
  • Set limits and assign responsibilities to your teen.

We have all been fearless and stubborn as teenagers with a sincere disrespect to anything but what we wanted. And, we all do know now how tough things could get when we have teens of our own to parent. But, there are easy and effective tactics that can help in influencing teens to bend to our instructions and directions as want them to. Let’s get started on the classic guide on how to get teens to more engaged in the family.

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Set a particular Time and Date when you and your Teen would do Something Together

It does not necessarily have to be a meticulously planned event. You could schedule some time to spend together doing something that both of you like; it could just be a walk in the society’s park or getting a haircut. Taking some chores that has to be done and making it into an excuse for some time together will help you be an active parent. You will also be helping them polish their time management skills.

Praise your Teen

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Praising your teen takes as little as two minutes and it is perhaps all that he/she needs to brighten up his/her day. This also lets you involve yourself in your child’s activities. If you have been too busy to notice the most recent development in your child’s art and craft class, it is time to take a peek into his/her bedroom. Make sure you do not praise your kid for the sake of praising as that can turn out to be counter-productive.


Listen to What your Teen has to Say

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Never subdue a teenager for speaking out or expressing his/her thoughts. You must first be attentive to what he/she has to say. Realise that they are not kids anymore, but wholesome individuals who have their own opinions. Listening to them will help uncover the mature persons they are growing up to be. When you pay attention to your teen, you are indirectly watching them take their first steps to becoming responsible adults.


Set Limits and Assign Responsibilities


Now that they are growing up to help you with chores, you should be able to identify areas for them to help you with. Setting boundaries for them will make sure that they do better in the long run. Without parental control, your teen will know no direction that he/she should follow. For as long as you remain involved with your child, you make sure he/she is safe and is also enjoying participating in family’s affairs.


Have Meals Together

having meals together

The system of following the normal of a nuclear family has given limited access to teens to be involved in what is happening in the house. Having meals together can help the family to thrive together. The teens will feel obliged to the happenings inside the family and vice versa.

The best weapon you have against a growing up teen’s unwarranted and inexplicable tantrums is being involved in his/her affairs. Be a more responsible parent to raise a more responsible child.


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