This Study Busts All The Myths Regarding Cancer and BP Medication

In this article, we are busting a common myth that taking antihypertensive medicines increase the risk of cancer.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Sep 01, 2020 09:01 IST
This Study Busts All The Myths Regarding Cancer and BP Medication

There are so many false beliefs that aren’t true. Most of them are related to health and wellness which need not be taken seriously. Many people think that high blood pressure or hypertension medicines double the risk of cancer whereas it is nothing but a myth. This misconception is there for decades and some people even today prefer to go herbal way to avoid allopathic medicines to reduce cancer risk. These days, even kids are suffering from hypertension and they are given medication to manage their blood pressure but is it safe? After all, they are children and medicines may pose a threat to their health in the long run. Let’s find out what researchers have to say about this.

There are more than 100 types of cancers that exist! We know only about a few major ones such as bone cancer, pancreatic cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, etc. This chronic disease needs to be identified at the initial level so that it can get treated. There are innumerable triggers of cancer. Some of them have been identified while scientists are working on finding the others. High blood pressure medicines are touted to have bad effects on the body with probable cancer-triggering properties. These claims are conflicting. To find that, a large-scale study was conducted to find if there is any link between cancer risk and hypertensive medicines.

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What did the researchers find?

Shockingly, scientists found that there is no link between high BP medicines and cancer risk. As per Emma Copland, lead author of the study and an epidemiologist at the University of Oxford, UK: “Our results should reassure the public about the safety of antihypertensive drugs with respect to cancer, which is of paramount importance given their proven benefit for protecting against heart attacks and strokes.”

How was the study conducted?

For this research, scientists conducted trials on about 260,000 people who take antihypertensive drugs. They classified them into groups according to what drug they take. This study took almost four years to complete where the researchers kept a close watch on the participants. At regular intervals, they assessed their medical condition and whether there is any effect of medicines on the organs.

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Surprisingly, they couldn’t find solid evidence that these drugs might trigger cancer. Only if the person does first-hand smoking or drinks alcohol, they are at risk of developing cancer.

“Our study has addressed an ongoing controversy about whether antihypertensive medication increases the risk of developing cancer. We used the largest individual-level randomized evidence on antihypertensive medication to date and provide evidence for the safety of blood pressure-lowering drugs in relation to cancer,” Copland concluded.

This shows that antihypertensive medicines or high blood pressure medicines are totally safe and do not pose any threat to your health. They only aid to manage your condition.

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