8 Things That Can Lower Your Energy Levels

You may feel low on energy due to a lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, or the food you eat.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Mar 13, 2023 09:00 IST
8 Things That Can Lower Your Energy Levels

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Have you been feeling low or noticed a sudden drop in your energy levels? Your energy levels are not constant and keep fluctuating throughout the day. However, feeling low the entire day can become a cause of concern as it affects your daily activities. It can be caused due to a lack of sleep, stress, lifestyle, or the food you eat.

8 Things That Reduce Your Energy 

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol can drain your energy, and the hangover you get post-drinking can also make you feel low. In addition, your body requires a large amount of energy to remove it from your body. Therefore, you should avoid drinking alcohol regularly to store your energy levels and promote the health of your body.

Consuming Heavy Meals

Have you noticed that you feel exhausted and lethargic after eating a heavy meal? Consuming heavy meals reduces your energy to a greater level. The more food you eat, the more energy it takes to digest, making your body work harder, which is why you start to feel tired. Therefore, you should eat lighter meals to avoid draining your energy.

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is important to keep your body active throughout the day; skipping it can make you feel less energetic. You should eat a healthy breakfast to keep your body energised throughout the day. 

Lack Of Sleep

People who are sleep deprived feel low on energy and have trouble concentrating. Sleeping restores your energy, so avoid binge-watching at night and complete your eight hours of sleep.

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Not drinking enough water can make you feel tired and low on energy. Check your urine colour to find out if you are dehydrated. Dark-coloured urine indicates that you are not drinking the adequate amount of water your body needs. Make sure you carry a water bottle to store your energy levels wherever you go.

Sedentary Behaviour

Prolonged sitting, watching TV for long hours, or not being physically active is another factor that contributes to low energy levels. Moreover, it can also lead to weight gain and increase the chances of developing various health conditions. Exercise can boost your energy and improve blood and oxygen circulation in your body. Even a 10-minute workout can benefit you, so you should get moving.


Have you ever wondered how stress impacts your health? Taking stress consumes your energy and makes you feel low. Moreover, if food consumption is poor, prolonged stress can deplete the vitamins and minerals you require to produce energy, like magnesium and B vitamins. Therefore, you should control stress to maintain the health of your body.

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It is no secret that overworking can reduce your energy levels. You can prioritise your tasks and focus on one at a time. Take breaks in between to restore your energy and increase your efficiency.

Tips To Restore Your Energy


You can grab chocolates to boost your energy as they contain caffeine. Moreover, eating dark chocolates can also enhance your mood.

Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are healthy options to restore your energy levels. It prevents fatigue and keeps you satiated for a longer time. 


A cup of coffee can boost energy and increase your alertness. Drink coffee (in moderate amounts) when you feel drained out.