These 5 Changes In Your Dinner Can Accelerate Weight Loss

There are certain changes that you can make in your lifestyle, especially dinner, to push weight loss. Check out this helpful list of 5 such changes.

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Oct 06, 2020 13:56 IST
These 5 Changes In Your Dinner Can Accelerate Weight Loss

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If you are on the journey to lose weight, it is very essential to keep track of your food intake and physical activity. You just have to make some lifestyle changes to become fit and healthy. Interestingly, weight loss is one of the most searched topics on Google as obesity is increasing in the world every day. Everyone wants to lose a few pounds be it for health reasons or beauty stereotypes. In fact, if you set a weight loss routine for yourself, it can help in making the journey easier. You will get 0 results if you don't combine sweating out your body and taking a healthy diet. Just avoid incorporating junk food in your meals and keep a count of your per day calorie intake. Mindful eating will help you get better results. Making some small changes in your dinner can also affect weight loss. 

Changes in dinner to lose weight

You must have heard that having your last meal of the day before 8 pm can also be beneficial for your body. If you want to stick to a weight loss schedule then avoiding salt at night can be helpful. There are other changes too that you can make in your dinner for weight loss. Hence, here are 5 of them: 

1. Portion control

Portion control is important part for all weight loss diet plans. To shred a few kilos, you have to consume limited amount of calories. To eat less quantity of a food item, you can try using small bowls for your meals. It can keep a track of the portion size and fill your stomach early. 

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2. Soup before dinner

Having soup or anything hot before dinner can also make you eat less later. It will reduce your calorie intake and hunger. Also, it can be helpful if you try and eat the soup slowly. This can make your stomach feel heavy, leading to controlled intake of food. Having a hot liquid item before actual dinner is a nourishment for your body. 


3. Don't go to bed immediately 

Keep a gap of atleast two hours between your dinner and time of sleeping. Going to bed immediately post having a meal can also be a disadvantage to your weight loss schedule. If you aim is to lose weight, then you should eat dinner by 7 pm. The huge gap between your last meal and first meal of the next day gives time to your body to save energy and burn fat. 

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4. Don't take food from other's plate

According to some research studies, having food from someone else's plate is not included in your meal by your brain. And, it results in overeating. Hence, you should stop yourself from even taking a single bite from someone else's plate. Taking food from other's meal and then having your own food doubles your calorie intake too. 

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5. Walk post dinner 

Keeping in mind that you need to have a two hours time frame between dinner and sleeping, you also have to walk post your meal. In order to lose 1/2 kg of fat, you need to burn around 3,500 calories. Therefore, it is important for your body to walk after dinner if you want to get good  weight loss results. 

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Weight loss diets come and go, but it is pretty hard to get on a healthy meal plan. It is vital to take a proper balanced diet for healthy weight loss. A nutritional meal contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals too. By making the above mentioned changes, you can improve your weight loss routine. 

(Written by Navya Kharbanda)

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