Swollen Scrotum: Know The Causes And Their Symptoms For This Condition

Swelling and pain in scrotum should not be neglected. Read to know about the cause for this disease, its symptoms and risks involved.

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Swollen Scrotum: Know The Causes And Their Symptoms For This Condition

Men face a number of issues and it becomes challenging to understand the cause number of times. Men’s health is given less priority which is also a reason for lack of awareness about men’s health issues. Personal health and hygiene is important to prevent any diseases or health condition. Scrotal swelling refers to swelling that occurs in the scrotum; in this condition the sacs become swollen that holds the testicles. This can be due to number of reasons. Swelling in scrotum also makes it difficult for the person to do his daily activities and work. Hence it is important to be aware of this condition and know about its symptoms, causes and risks.

What Happens in Scrotum Swelling?

To explain about this condition, we have Dr. Pratap Mathur, Head of Urology Department, B.N.K Hospital in Bangalore. He says that this condition can cause pain and itchiness in the scrotum quite often. Scrotum of the person may be affected entirely depending on the cause of it. In scrotum swelling, lumps are formed on the scrotum which makes it painful for the person to stand or do any kind of activity. This can increase over time and take a much serious condition if not treated at correct times. In several cases, untreated scrotum swelling results to cancer. However, in scrotum swelling itself is not a severe disease and can be treatable easily. For that you need to get it diagnosed well by the expert.


Causes of Scrotum Swelling and their Symptoms

Several conditions are responsible for scrotum to swell; it can be underlying conditions or problems that can occur because of it. Here are the causes and symptoms of the following-

1. Hydrocele 

These two are the most common conditions that lead to swelling of scrotum. A hydrosol is basically accumulation of fluid that builds over a period of time inside the testicles. In this case, the testicles descend into the scrotum and leave behind irregular opening that does not close. This causes the fluid to accumulate in the scrotum and around the testicles. This can be hazardous to health as it can cause severe infection if not treated on time.

Symptoms for Hydroceles are-

  • Heaviness in scrotum
  • Feeling of fullness in scrotum
  • Discomfort while doing extensive exercises

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2. Hernia

Hernia develops in males and females both. However this condition is predominant for females, but is can affect male scrotum and cause swelling. In fact swelling or scrotum is the primary symptom that occurs in the condition of hernia. Older males develop hernia because of weakness in the groin. It causes bowel movements to drop down and disrupts digestive system too. Regular straining during bowel movements has been a major cause of hernia to develop and have swelling in scrotum.

Symptoms of hernia

  • Swelling in scrotum
  • Obesity
  • Constipation
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Strain on bowel movements


3. Cysts

A cyst is an accumulation of fluid in a particular area. Cysts are very common on arms, legs, face and back. This can go deep beneath the skin and cause infection. Similarly in scrotum, cyst formation can be painful because it puts pressure on the scrotum and causes extreme discomfort while sitting or doing any activity. In some cases cysts develop in the epididymyis. This is a tube that connects testicles to vas deferens. These cysts need to be treated to reduce swelling in the scrotum and prevent infection.

Symptoms of cysts are-

  • Red patch in a particular area
  • Pain and lump formation
  • Uneasiness and discomfort

4. Varicoceles

This is another condition responsible for swollen scrotum. Varicoceles happen when the veins get collected and swell up. If the cause of your scrotum swelling is because of this, then it can be very painful and problematic. As in this condition, the varicocele needs to be treated before treating scrotum directly. This problem occurs in young men who have just entered adolescence. If varicocele develops during puberty, then it can slow down the growth of testicle which may affect your reproductive health. In most of the cases, this health problem does not have any particular symptoms; however the only issue which becomes evident is having difficulty in reproduction process.

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5. Injury

Having an injury in the groin can be painful as well as dangerous. This is because injury may affect your sexual health and reproductive health. Injury can cause swelling of the scrotum and can be quite painful to touch. Your daily activities might also be affected if it lasts long. If the swelling remains on the groin for long and causes pain, then consult a doctor immediately as it might be signal for serious injury.


What are the Risks of Swollen Scrotum?

Most of the scrotum swellings are quite harmless and can be treated easily. But sometimes it could be a symptom for underlying condition that could posses serious threat to your health. If the person does not get diagnosed and treated for scrotum swelling, then he could be vulnerable to these risks-

  • Infertility
  • Damage to the testicles
  • Tumours
  • Cancer

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