Sugary Treats List: Surprise Your Sweet Tooth Cravings With Natural Sweeteners

Here is a list of natural sweeteners that are sugar's alternative. Now, don't fight your sweet tooth and make as many dishes you can.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Jun 15, 2019 00:00 IST
Sugary Treats List: Surprise Your Sweet Tooth Cravings With Natural Sweeteners

Sweets are the best friends of children and especially in summer vacations, kids desire new dishes, desserts, and various beverages made up of sweets. But nowadays, consumption of the sweet substance is a huge concern, as it is associated with,

  • an overabundant gain in weight
  • corpulence (fatness)
  • high blood pressure
  •  dyslipidemia
  • high blood glucose

According to the World Health Organization's guideline, it is recommended that kids and grown-ups must decrease their constant consumption of sugars to less than ten percent of their total energy intake. To gain extra health benefits it is recommended to further reduce six teaspoons daily. According to new guidance from the American Heart Association, it is recommended to kids that they should not devour more than six teaspoons of added sugar.

To develop the above-mentioned habits in children, one has to opt for a healthy cooking role model. Now you must be thinking what is the alternative of 'sugar'? Don't stress much! As our mother nature has bestowed her blessings on us in many ways. We have many natural sweeteners other than sugar around us. Here are some of them:

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Stevia has zero calories and is safe to use sweetener. It is becoming the most used natural sweetener and is being spread widely. To clear your queries, stevia is much sweeter than sugar. In one glass of soda, twenty-five percent of calories can be replaced by just three leaves of stevia. 

Why stevia is better than sugar?

  • Children friendly
  • It causes no harm to teeth
  • no load of glycemic index

The best thing about stevia is that the kids would never know, that they are not consuming sugar but its alternate. You can cook various kinds of dishes and make the best summer coolers out of it. 

  • Stevia displaces the 
  • sweet substance
  • starch
  • energy units in the diet

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We have seen honey in our houses since the age of our grandparents. And for sure, every one of us must have heard about its amazing benefits. Loaded with vitamins, proteins, nutrients, and minerals honey is an ancient sweetener. Honey processes in our body naturally, plant enzyme amylase helps in the predigestion of starches. It increases the level of antioxidants and breakdowns the starches present in the body. Honey can be used as a substitute for sugar as only 1 teaspoon of honey has 20 calories.


Also known as palm sugar, it is made from sap. Coconut sugar is completely natural and is made up of the coconut plant. The plant produces the sugary circulating fluid which is a good source of minerals. 


Our parents and grandparents, all of us have fed us with this yummy drink. It's a kind of culture that has been embedded in our lives for years. Even Ayurveda believes that juice from healthy canes should be consumed in hygienic form. 

Benefits of sugarcane juice:

  • refreshment drink, 
  • tones skin, 
  • cleanses body
  • contains healing properties.

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