Treating PCOD with Ayurveda

Irregular periods, hair growth and PCOD! Women suffering from PCOD have to face several health hazards leading to drastic lifestyle alterations. It is possible to counter PCOD symptoms effectively with Ayurveda

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Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Jun 05, 2019 00:00 IST
Treating PCOD with Ayurveda

We all come across several women dealing with the issue of PCOD, i.e. Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. This can be a leading cause of several health problems for women. Taking life-long medicines can be an ordeal as it is essential to be regular with medication for those suffering from PCOD. Some of the significant causes of PCOD include excess weight or obesity, irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. Adding to the woes are the following problems caused due to PCOD:

  • Unwanted hair growth on the face
  • Pigmented skin around the neck
  • Excess hair loss
  • Persistent acne 

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PCOD has no specific cause and can happen to those with a family history of it. There are no particular studies behind how PCOD can affect an individual but can be a harrowing experience for those suffering from it. It is essential to know ways to tackle the symptoms effectively without the need of resorting to lifelong medications. 

Ayurvedic Perils

Directly associated with the hormones, this issue leads to a disturbed work-life balance for the patient, making a recovery even more painful and time taking. Resorting to the use of medicines for a longer duration can be extremely harmful to the body. To deal with these woes, a lot of people often resort to Ayurvedic treatment to save them from the hassle of taking unnecessary medications. As we all know, Ayurveda has a solution to everything; this natural treatment is undoubtedly a go-to-treatment for those suffering from PCOD for a longer run. Ayurveda has the power to treat several hormonal syndromes by just making some basic lifestyle and diet alterations. Ayurvedic treatments aim towards these primary factors to fight PCOD: 

  • Body detoxification and healing the symptoms of PCOD
  • Correcting the menstrual cycles
  • Strengthening the reproductive system and organs for natural means of conceiving
  • Treating hormonal imbalance

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To start with, we list down a few ayurvedic herbs that are a must for PCOD treatment; 

Guduchi: Said to be a potent anti-inflammatory herb, it helps in treating the chronic inflammation of tissues. This is important as inflamed tissues are the main reasons to ovarian cysts. This herb gives a boost to the metabolism and lowers down the resistance to insulin. 

Shatavari: This herb helps in revitalizing the reproductive system, keeps menstrual cycle on time and helps in the healthy development of the ovary follicles. Also, this herb helps in controlling the high levels of insulin as it is said to be a natural plant-based estrogen. 

Triphala: We all know how wonderfully Triphala works on our bodies. An amalgamation of three fruits, this rich source of Vitamin C reduces the inflammation in the body. Further, it is an excellent way to body detox and should be taken before any other Ayurvedic medication. 

Aloe Vera: An extremely beneficial Ayurvedic herb for PCOD treatment, aloe vera helps in promoting menstruation, regulates the ovarian imbalance and rectifies the disturbed menstrual cycle. 

Treatment Par Excellence

Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD is a practical yet extremely easy on the body which provides respite from those harmful medications.

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