Sugar Addiction Is As Bad As Cocaine Addiction, Learn Expert Tips To Overcome It

If you are addicted to consuming sugar, you must stop this habit. Here are some tips to overcome sugar addiction easily & effectively.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 15, 2021Updated at: Apr 19, 2021
Sugar Addiction Is As Bad As Cocaine Addiction, Learn Expert Tips To Overcome It

All the fitness fanatics and health enthusiasts know that sugar is not good for the body and by sugar, we mean refined sugar. There are so many bitter after-effects associated with sweet sugar that makes it bad for health. According to Dr. Umesh Wadhvani, Founder of Simply Wellness, sugar addiction and is nearly similar to cocaine addiction. Both are equally hazardous for health. Let’s tell you why sugar addiction is bad and how you can overcome it in this article.

Why sugar is bad?

Let's begin by lending an understanding mind towards our subject, sugar. Generally, people think of the ‘white sugar’ that we put in our hot beverages or add in our desserts when we think of the word sugar but in reality, Sugar is the basic component of the macronutrient Carbohydrates. All your carbs such as grains, vegetables, fruits, jaggery, honey, white sugar, brown sugar, etc. they all are made of sugars.

But if sugar has seemingly such a non-controversial existence, why is it tagged as an enemy? Most of the lifestyle conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Stress, Depression, Gut issues, PCOS, etc have sugar abuse i.e consuming more sugars than we need, in their roots.

sugar addiction 

Now, keeping away from sugar is an available option but sugar has made its way into our daily routines and is present in almost every packaged food item hence, it becomes further difficult to consume it in moderation.

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All that said and done if also we manage to moderate our sugar intakes we end up falling prey to our sugar cravings. How do we deal with that? One of the causes that contribute to sugar cravings is the deficiency of proteins and fats. Indian diets have struggled with Proteins and that is very common across all cultures. Daal, Chawal, Sabzi Roti is our staple meal and most of them are rich in carbs and cooked in refined Saturated fats. Furthermore, we have that fear around eating fats because we still believe that eating fat will make us overweight which is not true at all!

A lot of us are dealing with massive amounts of stress on a daily basis. Sugary foods give us that Dopamine release and instant gratification, hence we always end up reaching out to foods like Chocolate, brownies, ice cream, biscuits, etc.

Tips To Overcome Sugar Addiction

A review published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has claimed that refined sugar has a similar effect on the brain as illegal drugs such as cocaine. There are plenty of other similar studies. Despite these studies, sugar can be dealt with just like any other addictive substance, i.e. with empathy. Following are some simple steps that can potentially help you manage your sugar addiction:

Tips To Overcome Sugar Addiction

De-stigmatize it

Every time you eat sugar, just be mindful that it is addictive and has harmful effects on your health. Feeling guilty may send you into a vicious cycle of you feeling stressed and eating sugars and feeling guilty again and so on.

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Set an intention

Let’s say, if you are having a whole bar of chocolate every day, reduce it 70% for the first week and then half and then quarter and so on.

Remove temptations

Update your grocery list and do not buy anything that is rich in sugar. Your grocery list should be filled with Complex Carbohydrates, Proteins, Unsaturated Fats, Seasonal fruits & Vegetables.

You may have certain withdrawal symptoms when you start reducing your daily sugar intake such as depressed mood, anxiety, disturbed sleep, more cravings, etc. These symptoms are temporary and can be managed by the solutions given above. It is alright to consume a little extra sweet rather than resorting to harshness. After all, sweetness in food is still better than bitterness in mind.

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