Want To Beat Sugar Cravings? Follow These Tips To Control Yourself

 Sugar cravings arise several times and it is hard to control them. Here are some tips that can help in doing so. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Jan 02, 2021 15:56 IST
Want To Beat Sugar Cravings? Follow These Tips To Control Yourself

Along with the chilly vibe, winter season brings a wide range of sugary foods. Delicious food items like peanuts, gajak, rewadi and jaggery are very good options to consume in winters. Moreover, without being season specific, there are many sugary food items that we crave for almost everyday. Mouth watering sugar food items such as donuts, cakes, traditional sweets, etc make us crave for them. However, the consumption of so many calories and sugars is not healthy for us. It can lead to obesity and many other health problems in the body like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, inflammation and risk of heart attack. One needs to consume a balanced nutritious diet combined with daily exercise. You have to know your portion size and have sugars in a controlled manner. Moreover, you can even go for healthy sugar alternatives to beat the craving. Read further to know about some tips to beat sugar cravings.

How to beat sugar cravings?

sugar cravings

Even to relish tasty food, it's important to work hard for the reward. Go for exercise daily and increase physical activity. Moreover, it is important to have a strong control over your sugar cravings. Always keep a check on your per day calorie count to make a diet schedule with minimal sugar intake. Here are some tips to beat sugar cravings:

1. Go for alternatives

You will enjoy eating kiwi as it will fulfill your sugar cravings, without high sugar content. Compared to other fruits, kiwi contains less amount of glucose. Being so tasty along with low sugar content can save you from the risk of gestational diabetes. It is a huge risk during pregnancy, but kiwi help your body in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Moreover, you can also have jaggery as it is a healthy sugar alternative of sugar.

2. Add spices in your diet


Another tip to combat sugar cravings is by adding spices in your meals. Spices like cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg can be useful in controlling blood sugar levels too. These Indian spices are one of the best ways to fight your sugar cravings successfully.

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3. Stay hydrated

It is also said that dehydration can cause an uncontrollable sugar craving. Do you usually feel thirsty after having something sweet? Well, whenever you have a sugar craving, you can drink a full grass if water to beat it. It is advised to drink atleast 8-9 glasses of water everyday to keep yourself hydrated and healthy.

4. Eat a fruit and green vegetables

Fruits and vegetables can never go wrong as they are healthy and loaded with essential nutrients. High zinc and chromium foods like mushrooms and broccoli can also be beneficial to control sugar cravings. Fruits and vegetables are not the best options to replace sugar, but they will surely help your insulin sensitivity and a deficiency of nutrients can lead to increased sugar cravings. 


5. Reduce stress

Persistent stress and high cortisol levels can also result in sugar cravings. Therefore, there is also a requirement of stress reduction if you need to fight your sugar cravings. In such cases, meditation, good sleep and deep breathing can help you out. Therefore, just try taking your mind off of every anxiety building factor in your life. 

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These were some useful tips to help in dealing with sugar cravings. One should also avoid the intake of soft drinks as they have extremely high sugar content. You can also connect with your dietician to know the suitable amount of sugar consumption for your body. And, you should always keep a balance between the sugar intake and other nutrients paired up with daily physical workout. 

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