Strengthen Your Core With These 4 Simple Exercises Using The Exercising Ball

Core exercises train the muscles in the lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvis. Read on to know how you can do the same with some simple core exercises

Arushi Bidhuri
Written by: Arushi BidhuriUpdated at: Jan 31, 2020 13:29 IST
Strengthen Your Core With These 4 Simple Exercises Using The Exercising Ball

Core exercises are often neglected and not given much importance. But it is extremely important to work on your core as it helps strengthen the core muscles and give them a better shape. Core exercises train the muscles in the lower back, hips, abdomen and pelvis to work in harmony. It improves your body’s balance and brings stability in your daily activities. One of the best tools used to do core exercises and build strength is the exercise ball. Using the exercise ball adds more intensity and challenges your core. It will improve your balance and coordination. Make sure you’re comfortable using an exercise ball and don’t find it too difficult. Be extra careful as it can be challenging. 


Before You Start 

1# Warm-up is a must: You must warm up your body before you start exercising. You can exercise after your regular cardio routine. 

2# Follow a pattern: It is important that you stick to a pattern. Do exactly 1-3 sets of 12-15 reps. Only take 30 seconds in between each exercise. 

3# Modify a little: You can modify the moves according to your comfort level or skip some exercises if they cause discomfort or pain. 

4# Take rest: If the exercise is too tiring then you can take at least a day’s rest in between workouts. 

Exercises To Do 

1) Ball Squat 

  • Place the ball between the wall and your lower back, keeping your feet out. 
  • Bring your body into a squat position while pushing into the ball. 
  • Keeping the weight over your heels and return to the starting position. 
  • Remember to keep your knees in line with the rest of your body. 

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2) Ball Sit-ups 

  • Start in a sitting position. Sit on the ball with your legs in front of you, knees bent and feet pinned on the ground. 
  • Clasp your hands and place your arms behind the head. 
  • Roll your upper body towards your knees, keeping your core engaged. 
  • Return to the starting position with your back curved over the ball and your head closer to the floor. 
  • You can make this exercise more challenging by holding dumbbells in your hands. 


3) Ball Leg-lifts 

  • Lie on the floor with your legs straight and the ball in between your ankles. 
  • Raise your hands with your legs and head slightly off the floor, with your hands straight on either side of the body. 
  • Squeeze your inner thighs and ankles into the ball and lift your legs to a 45-degree angle. Don’t forget to engage your abs. 
  • Slowly bring the ball down until it touches the floor. 
  • Do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps each and repeat. 

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4) Ball Oblique Crunches 

  • Lie with your back on the ball with your hands behind your head. 
  • Exhale and crunch up to one side. Inhale and return to the starting position. 
  • Do the same on the other side and repeat. 
  • Do not move your neck too hastily as it can lead to neck issues.

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