8 Squat Variations To Maximize Your Leg And Butt Workout

Squats can help in maximizing your leg and butt workout. Here are some helpful squat variations.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Aug 06, 2021 18:50 IST
8 Squat Variations To Maximize Your Leg And Butt Workout

Even if you hate squats, you definitely know this that they help you in toning. It can be tiring and boring at times. Even basic squats are very effective for losing weight from your thighs. Squat is a functional exercise and it also helps you in your daily activities like jumping, running etc. Squats may initially cause pain, but eventually the tolerance increases. If squats are so amazing why can't we spice it up with some workout music and variations?

Everyone hates monotony in their lives but luckily with squats, there is a lot that is possible. Each variation focuses on a different muscle. You can also add sets and props to your workout. You can use kettle bells, balls, stools and even weight discs. But you definitely need not worry if you don't have these equipments at home and unable to hit gyms at the moment because of the pandemic. We have discussed below certain squat variations that just function on positioning your body differently.

Squat variations for leg and butt workout

Here are 8 squat variations for leg and butt workout:

1. Wall sit

wall sit

Wall sit is a great way to strengthen the spine and work the hamstrings, inner thigh and calf muscles. By putting all the weight on the legs, it proves to be good for calves. It is done by leaning against the wall, keeping the back straight and bending the knees. It gives best results when the bodyweight is equal between the legs and proper balance is maintained. Especially for kids, this exercise is considered to be highly beneficial as it improves concentration and focus.

2. Pile squat

You can start with keeping your feet wide apart and toes should be pointed outwards. You need to bend your knees untill your thighs are parallel to the ground and then rise up again putting pressure on your heels. You should take care that your spine is straight and chest should be up. This exercise basically focuses on the muscles of the inner thighs. This exercise also helps in improving balance.

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3. Box jump to squat

You need to position yourself in front of a box. Next step is to jump on the box and positioning yourself in a basic squat position. This is also very good to increase your stamina. Jumping increases blood circulation in the body and heats it up and gives best results.

4. Single leg squat

Posture plays a crucial role while doing a single leg squat. Back should be as straight as possible and core should be held in, then without lifting or twisting the hip, slowly go down. Make sure your butt is contracted while on the way up. Balance is tested while doing this exercise. The major muscle groups where it focuses are abs, glutes, calves and front hip. It is considered to be a fun way to combine balance and strength. Being a single leg exercise, the thigh muscle is isolated and it works out the best for gymnasts, runners and dancers. It is also essentially helpful for people with knee giggles.

5. Weighted squats

If you have access to weights, this is also an amazing alternative to tone down your muscles. You can use barbells, kettle bells and dumbbells to increase the intensity of regular squats. You can wear a weight on your shoulders too. One should make sure that he/she doesn't use his back to lift the weight as it can cause injuries. Using weights can be very beneficial for strengthening your legs.

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6. Bulgarian split squat

It is a single leg variation of a squat. Stand in front of a stool of anti skit bench, place one foot on the back. Foot should be far enough so that you can comfortably squat down. You must make sure that the knees should bend over your toes. This exercise not only involves the frontal thigh muscles it also helps to tone your core. You can also add another layer of difficulty by holding some weight in both your hands.

7. Side kick squat

side kick

You can start by taking all the bodyweight on your heels, bend your knees and lower the hips. Then, the legs need to be straightened completely and come back to the standing position. By squeezing the outer glute, lift the right leg out of the side. This exercise is great to burn calories. It transfers the weight from major muscle groups to all the tiny muscles, therefore giving a pump before any High Intensity Workout Training. It is also beneficial to lose weight on the inner thighs and love handles.

8. Squat jacks

It is an amazing exercise to combine both cardio and muscle training. You can start by dropping down into a basic squat and then jumping your feet out and back in. This exercise burns a lots of calories very quickly. You should take care that you place your palm on the back of your head and keep the position erect so that you don't hurt your spine. You must strech and warm up properly before starting any high intensity workout.

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Squatting is an excellent way to strengthen your lower body and core. It can also prove to be beneficial for balancing and strengthening core muscles. There can be unlimited variations, but you need to be more cautious with weights. Dividing attention can lead to injuries in spine or other body parts. It can also result in hernia. You should invest in good quality mats and anti skit benches to avoid accidents and absorbing shocks while exercising.

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