7 Basic Exercises To Improve Balance And Stability In Adults

Balance and stability exercises are very important for adults to keep muscles healthy. Here are some exercises which you can do.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 09, 2021Updated at: Jul 09, 2021
7 Basic Exercises To Improve Balance And Stability In Adults

Balance and stability are two major factors of health which are often neglected. Being fit is one thing and having good body balance is another. Many people especially adults’ face this issue in the mid 30’s and above. Due to lack of physical exercise and movement, the muscles become weak and body balance does not remain same as before. Therefore it is important to do some basic exercises that can improve your coordination, strength, agility and mobility. This can go a long way in maintaining your muscle memory as well. Here are some exercises which you can do to improve your balance and stability in body.

7 Exercises for Improving Balance and Stability

Balancing exercises are heavily dependent on your lower body including back, legs and core muscles. While balancing is challenging at times, but constant effort can make these exercises easier. 

1. Tightrope Walking

This is a very basic exercise which can improve your balance; it also improves your body coordination and prevents falls. For this exercise you can take to strings or ropes and tie it parallel to each other. The strings should be kept at ground level, at 3 inches distance from each other. Not hold your arms wide and try to walk on those strings without stepping off the ground. Walk around 20 steps daily. 


2. Rock the Boat

This is a pure balancing exercise which is beneficial for calf muscles, thigh support and lower body balance. Rock the boat should be performed very gradually for maximum results. In this the person needs to stand with his legs shoulder-width wide, then lift one leg up and stretch it in the air. Hold that position for 30 seconds and put your leg back at normal position. If your are aged or having difficulty in balancing, then raise your leg at 30 degree only for 10-15 seconds in the beginning.

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3. Flamingo Stand

This is meant to provide strength and balance to your body. It stretches your legs and muscles to improve agility. Flamingo stand is also performed as an activity in school to improve balance and develop motor skills. For this exercise you need to stand on your left leg and lift your right leg up. Use a chair or wall for support as you stretch your leg to avoid fall. Maintain a good posture and keep your spine, neck and head in a straight line. Hold in that position for 15 seconds and then come back to rest. Do the same with other leg also.


4. Heel Toe Walking

This is comparatively little difficult than above mentioned exercises. For this you need to keep your arms parallel to the floor and then draw a straight line with chalk on the floor. The exercise is that you need to walk straight on that line placing the back of your heel against the tow of opposite foot. While walking there should not be any gap between placements of both feet. Move slowly to keep control and balance. Continue for 15-20 steps to complete one round. 

5. Statue Exercise

This is like the game which children play in their childhood. Music is played and when it is stopped you need to hold the position you are in at that while. It is a recreational exercise which keeps the person engaged as well as improves balance. It puts the whole body at work and encourages leaning balance in one particular direction. 

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6. Chair-leg raise

This is for comparatively older adults who cannot stand for long period or have difficulty in balancing on one leg. Sit on the chair with legs straight and both feet at 90 degree angle with knees. Now slowly raise your left leg and hold it up for 10 seconds. Put it down slowly and raise your other leg and do the same. This exercise should be done slow for maximum results; keep your back and legs straight at the time of exercise. Repeat it for 20 times with both legs. 


7. Single-leg cross body punches

In this exercise you need to take two dumbbells or light weights in your hands. Keep your one leg above the ground. Balance your body with those weights and then do the punch action in alternate manner. It is a comparatively difficult and is meant to perform once you are comfortable doing the above mentioned exercises. Single-leg cross body punches improves your strength, balance, agility and flexibility. Do this exercise in set of 2 with 10 times repetition with both hands. 

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