Social Distancing At Shops: Fight Novel Coronavirus With Circles And Squares

Fight Novel Coronavirus With Circles, Squares: Social Distancing At Market


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 27, 2020 12:47 IST
Social Distancing At Shops: Fight Novel Coronavirus With Circles And Squares

Milk stores and grocery across the nation have cracked upon an innovative approach to assure social distancing as people queue up to stock up (purchase) on basic things throughout the lockdown started by PM Narendra Modi to restrain the COVID-19 outbreak in the nation. Photographs and videos of stores in Puducherry and Gujarat (among other areas) present the desert street outside - under the national "complete lockdown" only vegetable stores, grocery shops, and pharmacies are permitted to work - checked with calculated circles or squares painted in white colour.

Each is located a few meters from the other and people can be noticed particularly standing inside the sealed area and quietly anticipating for their turn to buy necessary pieces of equipment.

The Lieutenant-Governor of Puducherry, Kiran Bedi had shared pictures of a market from Patan district of Gujarat, showing individuals standing within similarly-drawn curves in the street.

Similarly, another photograph shared by a twitter user makes us believe that a shop in Punjab has made similar rules (however, this image could not be verified).

Online videos have also been shared of similar lines outside a shop in Mundra district of Gujarat, where individuals line up in calculated squares under the keen focus of a policeman.

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  • Starting Tuesday midnight, India went under a twenty-one day "complete lockdown" to prevent the extent of the deadly coronavirus, which has affected nearly 700 and killed at least 17 people.
  • Under the curfew (lockdown) that has been inflicted in several states (and countries), individuals have been banned from leaving their houses, but in an emergency, to reduce touch and stop the novel coronavirus (which spreads via droplets of bodily liquid when an infected body sneezes or coughs).
  • Prime minister Narendra Modi, declaring the lockdown in his speech to the country (8 pm) on Tuesday, told it was intended to "protect every Indian citizen". He also stated there was "definitely no need to fright" as the states and centre were going to assure an unending supply of necessary things.

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A model supported by the World Health Organisation, implementing social distancing (frequently cited by the PM Modi), has been a difficult resolution for the government, with thousands of individuals beyond the nation, including political officers, still meeting for different functions.


Several states have outlawed parties/gatherings under Section 144, to help implement social distancing, with the PM requesting to people to stay at their houses. Worldwide the novel coronavirus, which began in Wuhan district of China in December 2019, has killed thousands of people and infected over lakhs others.

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