Can Sneezing Lead To Slip Disc? Find Out In This Article

Do sneezing makes your back ache? This could be a sign of a slip disc. Watch out for these signs and follow the tips.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 17, 2020 16:33 IST
Can Sneezing Lead To Slip Disc? Find Out In This Article

In present times, machines and technology have reduced our physical labor. This has not only made us lazy but also increased health risks on our body due to inactivity. Physical activeness is necessary for healthy living. Inactivity affects both physical and mental well-being which poses a person to myriad issues. Apart from this, the habit of not exercising also weakens the muscles along with the back. Long term sitting in the same position for 8 to 9 hours weakens the body. Laxity is necessary for joints mobility which can only come from exercise and physical exertion. This may make the body susceptible to small acts such as sneezing. Yes, even a sneeze can put pressure on your spine causing back pain which may aggravate to slip disc!

If you are not so active physically, you must act carefully. While slip disc is majorly caused due to lifting heavy weights, sometimes a little pressure on the spine can also trigger this problem. In short, back pain can be due to genetic reasons besides falling, slipping, lifting heavyweight, increasing age, accidental injury.

Other causes of back pain and slip disc

Many times one wakes up in the morning to feel a sudden backache. Neither injury, nor any disease, but does not allow severe pain in the waist, neck or back to get up from bed for 2-3 days. In fact, there are some reasons hidden in our lifestyle, which are known as unintentional back pain. In the modern lifestyle, 70-80 percent of people sometimes suffer from back pain. Today we are telling you some ways to avoid back pain to a great extent, definitely follow them.

Be careful when you sneeze

Sudden sneezes may create dis-balance. This loud sneeze shakes the whole body. This can also cause problems like slip discs. Doctors believe that whenever sneezing, keep the back and waist straight, keep one hand at the waist if possible, this will reduce the pressure on the spine.


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Never sit in one position for long

Sitting for several hours continuously in the same state is also a major reason for back pain. Repeated working in the same position on the keyboard or mouse can cause back pain. People who sit in the same position for several hours in a sewing machine can also have pain. Experts believe that desk jobbers should walk or stretch 5-10 minutes every half-an-hour.

back pain

Your sleeping pillow is also a big reason

Sleeping on a high pillow, folding the pillow, or sleeping in the wrong posture can also cause back pain. Orthopedics and physiotherapists say that lie flat on your back or sleep side by side. Those sleeping on the side are advised to sleep with a pillow between the legs. Beds should not be too soft. Sleeping on a hard bed is good for the back.

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Lifting heavy shopping bags

Women often use large shopping bags. Hanging them on the shoulder continuously for a long time can also cause back, neck or back pain. Laptop bags can also cause pain. Use trolley bags for shopping. Use the home delivery facility for more goods.

lifting heavy weight

Do not forget to exercise

Most women think that they do domestic work, so they do not need exercise or walk. Workout, exercise and yoga have different importance despite doing household chores. By doing the same thing daily, the body gets used to it and does not get the full benefit from it. Therefore, it is important to keep changing exercise or work.

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