Skull Breaker Challenge Video: Know-How This TikTok's Viral Can Lead To Serious Injuries

Skull Breaker Challenge TikTok: Parents should monitor their children and prevent them from doing such stunts that can lead to possible injuries.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Feb 18, 2020Updated at: Feb 18, 2020
Skull Breaker Challenge Video: Know-How This TikTok's Viral Can Lead To Serious Injuries

Skull Breaker Challenge TikTok: A few years ago, an online suicide game called the 'Blue Whale Challenge' started, which left several parents asleep around the world. Do you know that many people lost their lives due to this online game? And most importantly, the maximum were children. Recently, a short video of another such dangerous challenge is going viral on TikTok. This challenge is equally frightening, as was the 'Blue Whale Challenge'. This is called the 'Skullbreaker Challenge'. This game can cause damage to one's head and bones. It is therefore important that parents should know about this game and prevent their children from playing it (this new internet viral game).

What is Skullbreaker Challenge?

The Skull Breaker Challenge requires three contestants to stand shoulder to shoulder. People on both sides try to exclude the middle man by kicking their feet by jumping down. But the dangerous thing is that all this is done by jumping like a stunt. Reportedly, this challenge has resulted in serious injuries to the head, back and pelvis. In this way, this game can be fatal for children. Children like to play all these things and do stunts anyway, but they need to be explained how it can be fatal.

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How did this game go viral on TikTok?

The challenge began as a joke between two school students (in Spain) but soon went viral on Tiktok. Since then, several users are now posting their videos doing this prank. The situation had taken a serious turn after several videos where people are getting injured playing this challenge. Now on the internet, parents are being warned about this game to keep their children away from this challenge. This challenge has mainly influenced TikTok users in Europe and America. It is a matter of relief that it has not reached the Indian TikTok users yet.

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How dangerous is this?


The Skull Breaker Challenge is not only dangerous but also life-threatening. Playing this game can cause serious head injury, which can lead to the death of a person. Also, there are reports of back and pelvic injuries caused by the game being played. However, most videos do not display injuries. But still, a sudden fall (of this method) can hurt bones and it can also fracture the spine.

According to doctors, this game can have harmful consequences ranging from simple injuries to serious fractures, broken bones, ligament injuries or severe head injuries. At the same time, according to sources, many teenagers are using the challenge to bully young children (which can have a lasting effect on children's brains).

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