Here Are Some Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage, Pregnant Women Should Not Eat These

There are some foods that can lead to miscarriage such as raw meat & eggs. Pregnant women are strictly advised to avoid these.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jan 25, 2013Updated at: Nov 05, 2019
Here Are Some Foods That Can Cause Miscarriage, Pregnant Women Should Not Eat These

Out of all the things, a healthy diet is a must for pregnant women. It is said that a pregnant woman has to eat for both herself and the baby in the womb. They need to eat a balanced diet that has all the essential nutrients to suffice the baby’s nutritional needs too. Eating unhealthy sometimes is fine until and unless it is approved by the doctor. We do understand the craving attack that every expecting mother goes through the nine months. But along with that, it is necessary to stay away from certain foods that harm the unborn. In other words, these foods may lead to miscarriage. Here’s a list of such foods that a pregnant woman must avoid.

Uncooked or raw meat

Consuming uncooked seafood or raw meat needs to be avoided because of the associated risk of contamination from the harmful coliform bacteria that cause serious blood infections like salmonella and toxoplasmosis. Thus, it is important to cook meat properly before consumption for a pregnant woman.

Miscarriage causing foods

Instead of having raw meat, you can just lightly saute it and then eat. This way, neither your meat will be fully cooked nor it will cause any infections. 

Fish with high mercury content

Fish that are high in mercury can delay the development of the foetus, cause brain damage and even miscarriage during pregnancy. Therefore, you should steer clear of fish variants such as swordfish, tile, king mackerel and tilefish. Sushi may also comprise of certain fish variants that are high in mercury. It would be essential to read up on the content of mercury in different fish before taking your pick.

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Raw Eggs

Miscarriage causing foods

Another item to avoid consuming during pregnancy is a raw egg. This includes food preparations or salad dressings that use raw eggs as substitutes. For example, raw eggs could be present in some form of mayonnaise, custards, ice creams, salad dressings, sauces, etc. If the end product has been prepared by cooking or heating at some point, the risks are only a few. This is because raw eggs contain the dangerous salmonella bacteria that can induce miscarriages. Therefore, you must stick to pasteurized eggs to avoid any risk.

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Deli meats

Miscarriage causing foods

Deli meats are to be strictly avoided during pregnancy including sliced meats, cold cuts, lunch meats, etc. This is because deli meats contain a high amount of dangerous bacteria called Listeria. This bacterium possesses the ability to penetrate into the placenta and infect the unborn foetus and therefore, cause severe blood poisoning and infection. These could be life-threatening complications. If you must satisfy your craving for deli meats, make sure you steam it well so that the bacteria cease to exist.

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