Don't Throw Away Those Tea Bags: Use Them For Skin & Hair Care Benefits

Next time you have that cup of tea, do not throw the tea bags and instead use them for their amazing skin and hair care benefits

Shubhangi Shah
Written by: Shubhangi ShahUpdated at: Dec 04, 2021 13:30 IST
Don't Throw Away Those Tea Bags: Use Them For Skin & Hair Care Benefits

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Indians love their tea. Whether to treat a mild headache, or reduce fatigue, or just to socialise, a cup of tea is generally what we Indians reach out for. And sure, tea, both green and black, has health-benefiting properties. It contains antioxidants that fight the free radicals and prevent inflammation and oxidative stress. Compared to coffee, it contains less caffeine, hence, you don’t get as cranky following a crash, as you get in the case of coffee. Many drink green tea while having any digestive issues. Hence, as you can see, the benefits of tea are many. But like many of us, you might also throw those tea bags away. Don’t, the next time! You can instead use the used tea bags on your skin and hair and reap its immense benefits.

Tea Bags Uses For Skin And Hair

Next time you drink tea, do not throw those bags away and use them instead for the skin and hair care benefits. Here is how you can use them

For Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

Use teabags to treat dark circles

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With growing hours of screen time and increasing stress, dark circles and puffy eyes are common. Although not a serious health issue, they might make you look tired. But worry no more. You can just use teabags to treat them

  • Tea contains a compound called tannin, which is good for the skin. It helps with baggy eyes.
  • The caffeine contained in tea leaves can help you with dark circles.
  • Next time you have tea, save the bags and refrigerate them. Use them over your eyes for some time, and use them. It will not just help you with baggy eyes and dark circles, but will also soothe your eyes, which get tired and strained due to overexposure to the screen.

Use It Following Sun Exposure

Throughout the day your skin is exposed to so much dirt, temperature, and also the sun, which can result in blemishes and tanning. Tea can help you in that regard too.

  • Just boil some tea leaves.
  • Let it cool.
  • Apply it to the affected area using a cotton ball or a clean cloth.

Make A Scrub Out Of It

If you want to give your skin that much-needed break from chemicals, you can make a natural scrub using used tea. As you already know, it contains tannin, which has skin-benefitting properties.

  • To make a scrub using it, take some used tea leaves and add sugar to them.
  • Mix them well and scrub your face with them.
  • You can also store it in the refrigerator for future use.

Make A Tea Mask

You can make a mask using tea

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Again the name of the game is tannin, which is good for your skin. To make the tea mask:

  • Take some used tea leaves and add honey and baking soda to it.
  • Honey is good for the skin and baking soda is a good exfoliator.
  • Use the mix as a face mask and you can also store it for future use.

As A Soothing Agent

Throughout the day, your skin goes through a lot, which can cause inflammation and irritation. Tea can help you with this too.

  • As you might know, chamomile tea is known for its cooling effect.
  • So next time you make this tea, save the tea bags and gently pat along the face and get respite from inflammation and irritation.


Dry and chapped lips are quite common in winter. But, do you know that green tea can help you with this too?

  • You need to use green tea bags after soaking them in warm water.
  • Use it on your lips.
  • It provides hydration to your lips.


Yes, tea can provide benefits to your hair as well. You’ll need black tea for this one.

  • Just boil some black tea and let it cool.
  • Use it to wash your hair.
  • It’s that simple. You can wash your hair with it a few times in a month and reap its benefits.

So, as you saw you can use tea bags even after making a cup of tea using it. It has amazing health-benefiting properties for your skin, lips, and even your hair. So, next time you have that cup of delicious tea, do not throw the tea bags away, and instead, use them on your skin and hair. 

Photo Credit: Freepik