Silva Meditation: Know About The Benefits And Ways To Perform This Meditation Technique

Known as the silva meditation technique, this is a method that consists of a guided imagery method for the elimination of negative thoughts. 

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jan 28, 2022Updated at: May 30, 2022
Silva Meditation: Know About The Benefits And Ways To Perform This Meditation Technique

Are you someone who finds themselves under a constant state of stress, anxiety and worry? Well if your answer to this simple question is a yes then meditation can be your best friend. Meditation is a technique that has been practiced for thousands of years to deepen the understanding of the sacred and mysterious world. In the present day world this technique of meditation is being used for reducing stress and providing relaxation. It is considered to be a type of mind-body medication that tends to produce a deep state of relaxation. Where meditation works by focusing your attention and eliminating jumbled thoughts in your head and provides a calm state of mind. Where meditation in itself is a powerful technique used to relax mind and body, there is a new kind of meditation technique discovered by Jose Silva which has been gaining a lot of popularity over the recent times. Known as the silva meditation technique, this is a method that consists of a guided imagery method for the elimination of negative thoughts. The main purpose of this meditation technique is to encourage positive thinking by boosting a person’s self esteem. Let us take a deep dive into this article to learn more about silva meditation, its benefits and ways in which this meditation technique can be performed. 

What is Silva meditation?

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Silva meditation is one of the meditation techniques present around the world. This technique was initially created by Jose Silva as a part of the self help program. Silva meditation is a relaxation technique that possesses cognitive development and is based upon three principles. The three basic principles of Silva meditation are-

  • Alpha and Theta states of mind
  • Power of healing imagery
  • Desire Believe And Expect Thought Process

First principle which is the alpha and theta states of mind, refers to the state of brain waves. When a person is in alpha and theta state of mind, it is considered to be as good as meditation as due to this a person becomes capable of conducting the healing process. In this state of alpha and beta a person’s body cells repair themselves and work towards strengthening the immune system. As the stress ets descicipated, the body becomes more prone to healing and it becomes easier to get away from negative thoughts. 

The second principle, power of imagery, talks about visualization of the end result. One needs to keep in mind that you need to visualize the present. The feeling that you are wanting to materialize should be felt while you are performing silva meditation and not in the future. 

Third and final principal of Silva meditation is the Desire, Believe and Expect process. This meditation technique first expects a person to develop a deep desire for which one needs to know what they exactly want. The next step in this process is to believe that their desire is attainable. After putting in a belief into this desire, there should be an expectation from this goal. This principle is based upon the pablo effect that triggers self healing. 

Benefits of Silva Meditation

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As by now we have learnt about what silva meditation is and what are its 3 basic principles, let us take a step ahead and learn more about the benefits of silva meditation.

  • It helps to treat insomnia
  • Provide deep relaxation to mind and body
  • Controls blood flow
  • Helps in brainstorming and ideation
  • Helps in the intuitive understanding of others subconscious
  • Helps to control the energy levels.
  • Increases the healing rate
  • Helps in self diagnosis of physical challenges
  • Helps to overcome the blockages
  • Helps to lessen the blood flow in case of moderate cuts
  • Helps to control pain and blocking the pain signals being sent to the brain
  • Helps in the self diagnosis of emotional and mental issues

Ways to Perform Silva Meditation

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Meditation is one of the best techniques that helps the mind to achieve a state of peace. Meditation not just helps you to relieve stress and attain peace but is also useful for controlling and managing a person’s emotional and mental well being. As by now we are well aware about what silva meditation is and the benefits it can provide you with, let us take a quick look at the method of performing this simple meditation technique.

Step 1- Sit in a comfortable position by closing your eyes and imagine that you are looking slightly above your eye level.

Step 2- Take a deep breath and while exhaling, visualize the number 3.

Step 3- Take another deep breath and his time while you exhale and visualize the number 2.

Step 4- As you take in a deep breath from the third time, try and visualize the number 1.

Step 5- In order to relax yourself, do a backward count in sets, first from 100 to 1 then from 50 to 1 and finally from 25 to 1.

Step 6- Program your mind to have positive thoughts so that the negativity could be silenced.

Step 7- Give directions to your mind in order to come out of the meditative state.

Step 8- Slowly open up your eyes and think about something that you desire to accomplish.

Step 9- Believe that your desire is achievable and is possible.

Step 10- Expect that your desire would be fulfilled so that your subconscious mind can create the way for you.

Step 11- Visualize the accomplished goal and create a scenario where you are experiencing your goal in reality.

Saliva meditation is a powerful meditation technique that will help you to accomplish your goals. This technique created by Jose Silva works upon three principles that are Alpha and Theta states of mind, Power of healing imagery and Desire Believe And Expect Thought Process.