Are You Suffering From Secondhand Stress? Watch Out For These Signs

If you feeling stressed without any reason, chances are that you might be going through secondhand stress. Know more in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jul 14, 2020 15:00 IST
Are You Suffering From Secondhand Stress? Watch Out For These Signs

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Secondhand stress is as dangerous as secondhand smoke. This happens when you don’t take stress yourself but get it from others. It could be your spouse, your family member, your colleague, any person who is close. In short, being around negative people with a stressed mind can make you stressed too. They vent out their stress which ultimately makes you stressed. When you become a part of someone’s stress, it makes you a victim of secondhand stress. The sad part is, many people don’t even know that they are dealing with this issue. It makes the situation even worse. One should know and look out for the signs and symptoms of secondhand stress, as explained in this article, to keep their mental health safe.

Signs and Symptoms of Secondhand Stress

Here are some signs that you are suffering from secondhand stress.

Feeling stressed without a reason

In a normal stress situation, we know the reason behind it. But since secondhand stress is not generated in your brain, it doesn’t have any idea why it is coming and where it is coming from. Like second-hand smoke, second-hand stress is also bad for health. It can have an immediate effect on your nervous system and reduce your concentration and motivation to perform any task. Many times you feel anxious due to some reason after a bad day at work or a fight with your partner. This tension may be for a while or last for a long time, but if you do not know the reason for this stress, then it is second-hand stress. You can also drink saffron tea for stress relief.

Pessimistic and confused 

If you are one of the jubilant and always hopeful, but suddenly you are disappointed with the things happening around you. So, this is a warning sign that you are unnecessarily taking the stress from your surroundings and falling victim to secondhand stress. 

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Always tired and fatigued

If you are one of those people who used to be happy at first. But these days, living with people who are stressed around them, who always complain about one or the other thing, it also affects your energy. In such a situation you will always feel tired, which will have a serious impact on your health over time and it is also a sign of second hand stress. Therefore, try to avoid being with negative people.

Poor cognitive functions and brain fog 

If you have difficulty forgetting, memory loss, brain fog, focus, it can also be a sign of secondhand stress. If you are feeling these symptoms recently, you need to assess its cause. If there is no problem at your personal and professional ends, this could be due to secondhand stress given to you by your close people.

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Unable to think properly and take decisions 

If you are having difficulty thinking about work or making a decision, it can also be a second-hand stress. Secondhand stress can also make you less productive. In such a situation you may not get pleasure in completing your work, it can become a difficult task for you etc. 

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