5 Signs Your Hair Is Lacking Vitamins, As Per Dietician

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals can impact your hair health too. Here are some signs that you should not ignore.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 16, 2022Updated at: Sep 16, 2022
5 Signs Your Hair Is Lacking Vitamins, As Per Dietician

Hair health is reflected more by what you eat rather than what products you apply on it. The kind of nutrients you put in your body are vital for your hair's growth and health. Among the several factors that affect hair fall (like stress, poor gut health, and weak metabolism), a healthy and well-balanced diet is of utmost importance.

Nishita Suratkal, Dietician at Traya Health, says that, “Like our timely mood swings, our hair too has good days and bad. But if you're experiencing these signs on a daily basis, then it’s time to dig deeper into your hair health.” Here, she shared a few signs to watch out for that might indicate that your hair lacks vitamins.

#1 Dry and dull hair

You could be blaming your salon appointments or even the weather for how dull and lifeless your hair appears, but the truth is that your hair is probably not getting the required amounts of biotin that is needed. It could be the reason why it ends up looking dry. Biotin is an essential B vitamin that helps in the production of keratin – an important element that makes up  hair strands. Studies have shown that people who suffer from Vitamin B deficiency are more likely to experience dry hair and skin.

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#2 Brittle hair

Signs Hair Is Lacking Vitamins

Have you ever heard the sound of your hair crunching post a hair wash? Well, that’s the sound of your hair crying for help as it is too brittle and very prone to breakage. While every hair type lacks at least some amount of moisture, extremely brittle and damaged hair could be a sign of an Iron, Zinc, or vitamin B7 deficiency. In such cases, supplementation or consuming foods that are rich in these essential nutrients serves best.

#3 Dry scalp and dandruff

Does your head feel heavy with scalp build-up and tends to itch a lot? An itchy scalp with constant flakes is a sign that your body lacks omega fatty acids that bring about moisture to the hair and scalp. Vitamin B6  (pyridoxine) and vitamin B12 deficiency could be possible causes too.

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#4 Premature hair greying

Apart from ageing and genetics that play a role in early hair greying of an individual, the loss of pigment in the hair strands is indicative of Vitamin B12 deficiency. This is also concurrent with deficiencies related to biotin and folic acid. Vitamin B12 helps in promoting nutrient-rich blood flow to hair follicles and premature greying can be easily managed with supplementation if the reason behind this greying is solely due to a lack of Vitamin B12.

Signs Hair Is Lacking Vitamins

#5 Hair thinning and hair shedding

While it’s normal to lose close to 100 strands a day, excessive hair thinning that eventually leads to hair fall is a sign that your hair needs a little more care than usual. The main culprit in terms of nutrients required to maintain the limit of hair fall is a diet that is deficient in vitamins B3, B7, and Vitamin C, which promotes natural collagen production.

There are many ways one can adopt to tackle various vitamin deficiencies. There are vitamin-rich gummy bears, supplements, and even oils that can work for you. But be careful about the brands you choose, as some might have adverse health effects. Healthcare start-up Traya, for example, provides Hair Vitamins, which contain the goodness of natural DHT blockers that stop hair fall. Along with this, it contains all the essential vitamins required to promote healthy hair growth. There are other products as well that one can use, but which one to use and how to go about it is something that one can only figure out once they recognise the deficiencies.

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